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"Depths of Despair" (絶望の果て, Zetsubō no Hate, Tonari: 114 + 115) is the 74th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

Gyoro Gyoro uses its small spy drones to overlook the destroyed cities and informs Orochi that their plan to cause the humans to fear them was complete. Waganma was brought back as a hostage and Phoenix Man ask Gyoro Gyoro for reinforcements, since some monsters were cornered by heroes, but the request was denied. The monsters discuss their objectives and note that Nyan and Gouketsu managed to recruit many monsters. Through the spy drone, Gyoro Gyoro tells Gouketsu to leave the stadium, but Gouketsu refuses. He instead questions Bakuzan and tells him to go with him to the Monster Association hideout. Bakuzan instead decided to fight Gouketsu, but all his attacks were ineffective. After throwing a strong punch that barely missed Bakuzan, he gives Bakuzan a firm warning about taking on the whole Hero Association on his own and heads to Z-City, the meeting point of the Monster Association.

Part 2[]

After Gouketsu left the stadium, Bakuzan ponders about the fact that there is an organization made of monsters that are stronger them him. Suiryu is still conscious from the beatings and tells Bakuzan he is not his enemy, but Bakuzan grabs Suiryu by his hair and reveals that the reason he wants to be strong is to torture people that are weaker then him. Bakuzan begins to torment Suiryu, by breaking both of his legs. When Suiryu accepts his loss, Bakuzan suggests that Suiryu lick his feet, stating that he would maybe spare his life to which Suiryu declines by breaking his toe. Suiryu then screams for help from a hero and asks the unconscious Sneck and Max for help, knowing that there is always hope. Bakuzan decides to stomp on Sneck to further torture Suiryu, but Sneck was saved by Saitama. Suiryu then watches as Saitama prepares to take on Bakuzan.

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Chapter Notes[]

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