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"Resistance of the Strong" (強い奴の抵抗, Tsuyoi Yatsu no Teikō, Tonari: 112 + 113) is the 73rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

Suiryu remained conscious and managed to land many hits on Gouketsu, which were ineffective. When Suiryu noticed that the other martial artists were defeated by The Three Crows, he let his guard down and was punched and stomped on by Gouketsu. Suiryu managed to muster enough strength to escape the monsters grasp, and launches himself upward to use Void Shivering Tiger Fist, but finds himself outmatched. Gouketsu then toyed with Suiryu which resulted in severe injuries.

Gouketsu then orders The Three Crows to kill Suiryu, but because of his injuries he isn't able to fight back. Suiryu notices Bakuzan watching from the sidelines and asks for his help, but Bakuzan refuses. He instead decides to eat several Monster Cells, but they overwhelm him and he collapses on the ground, unresponsive. Suiryu loses hope, and when the Crows attack him, he is saved by Sneck and Lightning Max. He decides to team up with the two heroes and together they kill The Three Crows.

Part 2[]

Afterwards, Suiryu asks the heroes for their help and suggests that they should run. However, the heroes decide to stay and fight, buying time for Suiryu to run. The heroes are easily beaten, while Bakuzan, now a monster, intercepts Suiryu as the latter attempts escape and Suiryu is sent crashing back to the ground. Suiryu manages to get up one last time, but is then continuously beaten down by Bakuzan.

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Chapter Notes[]

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