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"Martial Arts Means...!!" (武術とは...!!, Bujutsu to Wa...!!, Tonari: 109) is the 71st chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Saitama is disqualified for wearing a wig and Suiryu is declared the winner. However, Suiryu continues to fight. He splits the ring in half and launches multiple barrages of attacks at Saitama, but Saitama is unfazed by them. Saitama concludes that martial arts is just about moving in a cool way. Afterwards, Saitama accidentally launches Suiryu out of the ring while trying to mimic one of Suiryu's techniques. Saitama then runs away to not get caught. The closing ceremony then commences. Unfortunately, the ceremony is interrupted by monsters. The Three Crows bring the contestants that were supposed to be transported to the hospital back to the ring. Benpatsu tries to escape, but is stopped by Gouketsu. Gouketsu then tells them that they are all going to become monsters.

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