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"Mysterious Raid" (怪人の襲撃, Kaijin no Shūgeki, Tonari: 7) is the seventh chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Genos shows up outside Saitama's apartment, much to his chagrin. They go inside and Saitama gives Genos tea, telling him to leave when he's done drinking and that he's not looking for any disciples. Genos then goes into a rather lengthy description of his life until Saitama tells him to come back when he can sum up his story in one sentence. The scene shifts to a building in a mountainous area with two men talking about Mosquito Girl's defeat, the men then express interest in Saitama's strength and decides to send him an "invitation" to the House of Evolution. The scene shifts back to Genos asking Saitama to teach him how to become strong, Saitama asks Genos if he's ready for the training, and Genos agrees.

Genos then senses a presence drawing close to the apartment quickly. At that moment Kamakyuri bursts through the ceiling and is killed instantly by Saitama before he can even say who he is. Genos mentions that there are more beings outside, so they leave the apartment to find Frog Man and Slugerous. Genos steps forward to take them out, but Saitama beats him to it, burying them upside down to their chests in the sidewalk. A hand then bursts out of the ground, grabs Saitama's ankle and pulls him underground until all that's visible is his head and neck, which he compares to being a plant growing through the concrete. Genos begins to rush to Saitama's aid when the cyborg Armored Gorilla bursts through a wall behind him.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Genos (cover)
  2. Saitama (cover)
  3. The Mad Cyborg (mentioned)
  4. Dr. Kuseno (mentioned)
  5. Dr. Genus (debut)
  6. Dr. Genus' Clones (debuts)
  7. Mosquito Girl (mentioned)
  8. Kamakyuri (debut and death)
  9. Slugerous (debut)
  10. Frog Man (debut)
  11. Armored Gorilla (debut)
  12. Ground Dragon (hand)


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