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"Reason for Seeking" (求める理由, Motomeru Riyū, Tonari: 94 + 95) is the 62nd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

The audience is excited as Suiryu enters the stage. Lightning Max tries picturing Suiryu as the Sea King so that he can overcome his real goal. Lightning Max tells Suiryu that Suiryu's strength is minuscule compared to the Sea King's. When the match begins, Lightning Max charges at Suiryu.

Part 2[]

Lightning Max shows off his new move, but gets easily outmaneuvered by Suiryu. Suiryu proceeds to kick Lightning Max to the edge of the ring, knocking Max out. Everyone, except Saitama and Bakuzan, is impressed by Suiryu's performance. Suiryu apologizes to Lightning Max for being too strong. The fight between Sneck and Benpatsu begins. The Super Fight staff members are contacted that monsters have appeared nearby. The staff decide to evacuate the tournament, but Bakuzan goes against that decision, stating that it would only cause chaos. In addition, he suggests that he will take care of any monster that come in. Genos receives several alerts about the monsters as well and decides to take care of them by himself.

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Chapter Notes[]

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