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"Dark Horse" (ダークホース, Dākuhōsu, Tonari: 91 + 92 + 93) is the 61st chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

Lin Lin and Lightning Max are about to fight at the tournament, while Darkness Blade, Dynamite Man, Saturn Man, and Pandaman are fighting Do-S. Crossbow S manages to bring three of the heroes under her control and command them to fight the Dynamite Man. Before they can deal too much damage,The Blizzard Group subsequently arrives, knocking out Darkness Blade and prepares to fight Do-S.

Part 2[]

Do-S is about to attack the Blizzard Group, but Fubuki manages to stop it before it hit them. The two engage in banter before initiating their fight. At the tournament, Lightning Max manages to beat Lin Lin. Sour Face explains to Saitama (disguised as Charanko) what is a "reversed seed", and inadvertently Saitama then provokes Zakos. At W-City , Marshall Gorilla has defeated Heavy Kong. Lightning Genji continues his fight with Electric Catfish Man in D-City .

Part 3[]

In D-City, Lightning Genji is pushed back by the two mysterious beings he is fighting, and while trying to strategically retreat and get help he is stopped, and sucker-punched into a nearby vending machine. Meanwhile in I-City, Hundred-Eyes Octopus is devouring a building when he is attacked by 3 heroes (Death Gatling, Butterfly DX and Bone) who unsuccessfully try to hit his "Blind Spot", they are then shortly defeated. In Y-City, Eyesight continues to wreck havoc by paralyzing all opposing heroes. Due to all of this, the Hero Association HQ is in disarray. In V-City, Pureblood claims that the Monster Association has made a miscalculation, saying that they have underestimated themselves, and overestimated the humans. Back at the tournament, Saitama has beaten Zakos with a single slap, much to Suiryu's attention.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • Initially Studless was seen being controlled by Do-S, but was redrawn to be Saturn Man, while Studless was fighting against Eyesight.

Chapter Notes[]

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