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"Centipede" (百足, Mukade, Tonari: 79) is the 54th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.

Summary Edit

Metal Bat has just finished his fight with Junior Centipede and Venus Mantrap. Narinki and Waganma are delighted and wish to celebrate. However, Junior Centipede was still alive, he questioned Metal Bat about how high Metal Bat is in the food chain. Before Metal Bat could finish Junior Centipede off, Senior Centipede erupted from the ground. Senior Centipede forced Metal Bat, the sponsor, and the sponsor's child out of the restaurant. Outside, Rafflesidon emerged from the ground and started releasing gases to knock people out. Garou is with Tareo near the outside edge of S-City. Tareo informs Garou about Watchdog Man's whereabouts and routine. Suddenly the city announces a disaster level of Demon and that Metal Bat is busy fighting monsters. Garou decides to pay Metal Bat a visit.

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