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"Getting Cocky!" (調子に乗る!, Chōshininoru!, Tonari: 72 + 73) is the 50th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

At night, in the "Venomous Bug" Tavern, Garou challanges Golden Ball, and after an unnecessary crude act on Garou's side, the two leave to fight in the nearby alleyway. As they walk in the alley, the seemingly drunk Golden Ball attacks Garou, trying to beat him quickly. Surprised that Garou can avoid his attacks, Golden Ball uses a ricocheting attack, much to Garou's surprise.

Part 2[]

After the hit, Garou tells Golden Ball he was lucky, and that he will not get a second chance, Golden Ball however, tells him that he has many bullets left and continues to fire almost all of them at once. Garou evades every single bullet. Worried, Golden Ball fires his last bullet at Garou, which Garou redirects into another currently flying bullet, and then continues to redirect all other bullets. Before Garou gets to Golden Ball, Spring Mustachio appears and intervenes, claiming he was worried due to the fact they were supposed to be drinking together in the nearby restaurant. Spring Mustachio attacks Garou, and Garou proceeds to jump in the air, Spring Mustachio then uses his "Et La, Tomboy" on Garou, but Garou lets the sword pierce his hand and attack Spring Mustachio, knocking him out. Golden Ball then warns Garou, but Garou just taunts him.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saitama (Cover)
  2. Garou (Cover)
  3. Golden Ball
  4. Spring Mustachio
  5. Genos

Chapter Notes[]

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