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"I'm Bored Anyway" (どうせ服だから, Dōse Fukudakara, Tonari: 71) is the 48th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.

Summary Edit

Garou continues his conversation with Tareo, and then leaves.

In the hospital, Tanktop Master continues to tell Saitama about Garou, and how dangerous he is due to his "techniques". Hearing that Garou is going after the strongest heroes, Saitama is sure he will be next (Although no-one knows how strong he is, which Mumen Rider is aware of). Leaving the room he was just in, Saitama goes to visit Charanko. Saitama tells Charanko he pities him for being dragged into a fight, and after a false assumption, Saitama changes the subject. Saitama tells Charanko he wants to face strong martial artists, and when Charanko bores him, causing him to leave, Charanko then stops him and tells him of the "Super Fight Tournament". As Saitama is told that the ticket was on Charanko's name and that he should not pretend to be him to get in, Saitama cannot stop but look at the sum of prize money, and ignore the latter.

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