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"Banana" (バナナ, Banana, Tonari: 70) is the 47th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.

Summary Edit

Red Nose talks to Studless and Hyottoko, ridiculing Tanktop Master for losing to Garou, and boasting on how he could beat Garou himself, Garou then appears behind him.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Saitama has come to give Mumen Rider a visit. While he is there, Saitama is told about Garou from both Mumen Rider and Tanktop Master, who is also there. A while later Red Nose and his comrades were found beaten up on the streets.

In the park, Garou asks a kid of information about heroes.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit


  • This chapter is the start of the manga diverging from and expanding on the Webcomic heavily.


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