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"Hero Name" (ヒーローネーム, Hīrō Nēmu, Tonari: 64 + 65 + 66) is the 45th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

Fubuki explains the reason why she stays in B Class is because she will never reach the top of the ranks like her sister Tatsumaki. As such, when she became B Class she took control the lower heroes in order to surpass her sister, who is a lone wolf. Genos comments she could be at the top of A Class, but Fubuki states that it is impossible, because she will never be Rank 1. She explains that Atomic Samurai's three disciples Bushidrill, Okamaitachi and Iaian are unable to get to S Class, because of Sweet Mask, who is securing Rank 1.

Meanwhile Suppon, a caveman escaped from a nearby lab, is causing havoc on the streets and Sweet Mask was ordered to bring it back alive. The caveman hisses at him, but Sweet Mask comments he isn't that sweet.

Part 2[]

Suppon attacks Sweet Mask, but he easily dodges and counter attacks the caveman, killing him instantly, with the crowd cheering for him. At Saitama's apartment, Fubuki tells Saitama that he might be a monster himself, but nowhere near Sweet Mask or Tatsumaki.

Part 3[]

Fubuki tries to justify her action, though Saitama has nothing against it; he doesn't feel like being her henchman. Moments later, much to Fubuki's shock and awe, King arrives, asking for his game. Saitama returns the game, admitting he accidentally erased King's data. Fubuki, surprised at how S Class heroes are attracted by Saitama's strength, begins thinking about joining the others.

At the Hero Association meeting, Saitama and Genos are given hero names. Genos is named Demon Cyborg, while Saitama is simply named Caped Baldy. Sitch is furious over the meeting, debating names rather than about Garou's rampage. They explained Bang volunteered to get rid of Garou and there is King, Tatsumaki and Blast if all else fails.

Meanwhile Garou coincidentally, ran into Tanktop Vegetarian, and defeats him, but was not satisfied by the fight. He happily announces his hero hunt and couldn't wait to fight monster class heroes.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Chapter Notes[]

  • Saitama is seen reading the manga, Taiyo Man (Sun Man), one of ONE's previous works.

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