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"Crash" (堕落, Daraku, Tonari: 48) is the 36th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The spaceship crashes into the earth forcing all of the S-Class heroes to escape and completely leaving A-City in ruins. Sweet Mask appears to demand a reason for A-Class state, when the S-Class heroes explain that they dealt with the situation Sweet Mask explains that they should have done a better job, this leads to an altercation between Metal Bat and Sweet Mask. Suddenly Metal Knight appears, to the surprise of the heroes, when Genos questions his appearance, it is revealed he has appeared with the intention of using the alien technology for weapons that are needed "for the sake of peace".

Superalloy Darkshine appears finding alien survivors from the crash, but they are slaughtered by Sweet Mask to everyone's surprise. He explains that he killed then as they had no right to live because they are evil and he only executed them on the spot.

Saitama appears from the wreckage of the ship surprising both Tatsumaki and Superalloy Darkshine. Genos goes to check on Saitama who explains about his fight with Boros, ignoring Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki who is angered about being ignored starts to hurl insults at Saitama, Genos responds by calling Tatsumaki a "Shitty Brat", who throws him into a building via telekinesis. Bang calms down Tatsumaki, saying that she must be more conscious of her rank.

The Hero Association HQ was rebuilt as an Iron Fortress. The spaceship was retrieved by Metal Knight and moved elsewhere.

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