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"The Power of Boros" (ボロスの本領, Borosu no Honryō, Tonari: 46 + 47) is the 35th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Version 1Edit

Boros enters Meteoric Burst form to gain a massive upper hand against Saitama, as he punches Saitama through his ship. He goes on to explain how Meteoric Burst is a trump card to use to finish a fight quickly, as Saitama has forced him to go all out. He takes the piece that broke off and throws straight at Saitama.

Version 2 Part 1Edit

Boros seemingly believes that Saitama took damage from his attack. He boastfully explains to Saitama about his regenerative capabilities, remarking on how eventually Saitama will get tired and lose. Saitama simply tells him to shut up, asking him if Boros was done with the fight, only to have Boros get mad and unleash his Meteoric Burst on attack Saitama. Due to his powerful kick, Saitama was blown away towards the moon.

Version 2 Part 2Edit

Saitama realized that Boros gave his best, so he decided to take the match a little serious. Saitama jumped back to the ship from the moon and, due to powerful impact, the ships take a critical damage. Saitama told Boros to give him all he's got. Boros accepts his offer and then he jumps far away from him. He released his powerful trump card, Planet Buster Roar Cannon, in short a powerful blast through him. With the powerful blast coming toward him, Saitama decided to use his trump card against it, the Serious Series: Serious Strike.

Therefore, Saitama finally defeated Lord Boros. While slowly dying, Lord Boros told him that he cheated during the fight because he never used his full power against him. Saitama replied that he gave his best too but not half yet. Then Lord Boros died in vain because the prophecy was wrong as Saitama was too strong.

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