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"Guys Who Don't Listen" (話を聞かない男たち, Hanashi o Kikanai Otokotachi, Tonari: 42) is the 33rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Metal Bat, Bang, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and Atomic Samurai continue their battle with Melzargard. Iaian suggests to retreat, but the heroes refuse to listen. Melzargard is then contacted by Geryuganshoop asking him to return to the ship to deal with Saitama but he is preoccupied with the S-Class heroes, Metal Bat then discovers his core which is his weakness and proceeds to smash it, taking out one of the heads.

Saitama is exploring the ship when he hears Geryuganshoop voice via telepathy who tries the direct him out of the ship, Saitama follows the opposite of his orders and ends up confronting Boros in his chambers. Geryuganshoop then appears and attempts to fight Saitama using telekinesis.

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  • The giant labyrinth in the Dark Matter Thieves spaceship, was credited to Kazuo Nomura, the creator of the world's most difficult maze.


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