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"Great Prophecy" (大予言, Daiyogen, Tonari: 38) is the 30th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Sitch introduces himself and explains the situation. Before he explains the situation, he warns them that once they start listening to what he has to say, they will be confined to the room until the meeting is over. Metal Bat interrupts Sitch, stating that he had to skip his sister's piano concert to attend this meeting, and threatens to destroy the headquarter building if Sitch did not have anything important to say. Sitch announces that the great prophet, Shibabawa, is dead. Most of the heroes are shocked to hear this news. Zombieman asks whether she was murdered, which Sitch replies that she just died from choking on cough drops. Superalloy Darkshine asserts that the Hero Association brought them to tell them that they must now prevent disasters without Shibabawa's help. Sitch states that Darkshine is wrong and that she has always only predicted a fraction of all disasters. Saitama asks Puri-Puri Prisoner who Shibabawa is.

Puri-Puri Prisoner tells Saitama that she was a great prophet that could predict the exact timing of disasters, such as natural disasters and monster attacks. Finally, Sitch states that the real problem was that her final prophecy was a note stating the Earth is in trouble. Child Emperor then tries to make an excuse to leave. However, he is only mocked by Sitch, stating that Child Emperor is nothing more than a child if he does not comprehend the danger of this matter. Additionally, Sitch states that the disaster is above Dragon and will happen within half a year. Watchdog Man comments that they cannot do much to prevent the disaster. Saitama remarks that the prophecy might come true sooner than expected. Suddenly, the headquarters comes under fire from Skyfolk. Outside the Sky King prepares his attack with his henchmen. However, the Skyfolk are then attacked by an unseen being.

Bonus PageEdit

  • When Shibabawa death was announced, Metal Bat sat silently, looking around since he didn't know who she was. Then he began eavesdropping on Saitama as he asked who the seer is.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Saitama (Cover)
  2. Genos (Cover)
  3. King (Cover)
  4. Puri-Puri Prisoner (Cover)
  5. Bang (Cover)
  6. Tatsumaki (Cover)
  7. Sitch (Cover)
  8. Atomic Samurai (Cover)
  9. Metal Bat (Cover)
  10. Tanktop Master (Cover)
  11. Flashy Flash (Cover)
  12. Drive Knight (Cover)
  13. Zombieman (Cover)
  14. Child Emperor (Cover)
  15. Watchdog Man (Cover)
  16. Superalloy Darkshine (Cover)
  17. Pig God (Cover)
  18. Shibabawa
  19. Sky King
  20. Hawk
  21. Eagle
  22. Falcon
  23. Kite


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