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"Beat-Up But Shining" (ズタボロに輝く, Zutaboro ni kagayaku, Tonari: 34) is the 27th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


As Genos' body melts due to Sea King's acidic saliva, Sea King grabs Genos and throws him against the wall of the shelter and proceeds to punch him through the wall out into the rain. Sea King expresses his surprise at the fact that Genos sacrificed himself to save a little girl. Just as he is about to deal the finishing blow, Mumen Rider attacks him from behind with his Justice Crash, by literally throwing his bicycle at the Sea King.

As Genos attempts to stop Mumen Rider, he attacks the Sea King but is easily parried and smashed to the ground a few times before getting thrown away. Sea King then returns to finish off Genos, but Mumen Rider intervenes again by grabbing the Sea King from behind. Mumen Rider admits that he knows better than anyone that he has no chance of beating the Sea King, however, he states that it does not matter if he stands a chance or not, he has to fight him since there is no one else who will. This causes the people to start cheering for him and he gets pumped up, but is knocked out by the Sea King with a punch to his face. Saitama suddenly appears at the scene and grabs Mumen Rider before he falls to the ground. Saitama praises Mumen Rider's fight and sets him to the ground, he spots Genos lying there and is surprised that he is still alive, despite his melted state. He then tells Genos to wait a little while longer while he takes care of the 'sea freak'. Sea King, who has transformed into his true form, tells Saitama that he can hear him and punches him in the back of his head. Saitama, however, appears to be unaffected.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Deep Sea King (Cover)
  2. Genos (Cover)
  3. Saitama (Cover)
  4. Mumen Rider

Chapter Notes[]

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