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"Passed the Exam" (合格しました, Gōkaku Shimashita, Tonari: 16) is the 16th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


At the National Superhero Registry exam, Saitama is passing the physical exams without any trouble, amazing the other contestants by his immeasurable speed, endurance and arm and leg strength, breaking every superhero record in the process. In the locker room, Saitama meets up with Genos. They agree that the tests were a walk in the park and Genos adds that the written test was especially easy and thus the fitness test would be the deciding one. One hour later, they get their results, with Genos scoring perfectly everything, 100 points, and being ranked an S-Class Superhero. Saitama however, only got 71 points, ranking as a C-Class. He aced the fitness test, but barely managed to pass the written test. They are then both summoned to a seminar for the passing candidates.

At the meeting hall, they are greeted by Sneck, who congratulates them and gives them a lecture as to what being a superhero is all about. He is irritated by Saitama's nonchalance and yells that they should learn from him to become fine superheroes. Still annoyed by Saitama's dull look, Sneck implies that he can make sure that Saitama loses his rank. Saitama, as always, is completely and utterly uninterested. On their way home, Genos seems happy about them attaining a superhero rank, figuring that this makes him Saitama's official disciple. Saitama is worried about this and regrets making Genos his disciple.

Back at the office of the Hero Association, Sneck complains about the two new superheroes to a fellow colleague. He says that they will probably both quit their jobs soon, but his partner disagrees, saying that Genos is already S-Class, above Sneck, and that both recruits got full points on the fitness test. He further presses that Saitama broke every fitness record and that he may surpass Sneck in no time. Meanwhile, walking on the riverside, Saitama is thinking about the Superhero ranks and revises his opinion about Genos, reasoning that he may actually be pretty impressive. However, he thinks to himself that Genos is not the kind of superhero Saitama wants to be. Suddenly, he is cut off by Sneck, who takes a fighting stance in front of him. He declares that he will fight Saitama because he is a promising newbie, a thing common in the industry. He initiates his hand-to-hand combat technique and connects with Saitama's face, though after an off screen, but brief, conflict, Sneck's torso is seen buried in the ground, with his legs sticking out and Saitama walking away.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saitama
  2. Genos
  3. Sneck (Debut)
  4. Bespectacled Worker
  5. Ball-Chinned Kid (Cameo)

Chapter Notes[]

  • A character dressed as Perman (a manga by Fujiko Fujio) can be seen among the heroes mocking Saitama who become intimidated by his vastly superhuman demonstrations.

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