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"Divine Retribution" (神罰, Shinbatsu, Tonari: 201) is the 156th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The battle between Garou, Flashy Flash and Platinum Sperm continues. Flashy Flash, starting to get overwhelmed, is shocked at the fact that in a single day, he has encountered four people who have surpassed his supposedly unmatched speed. He desperately tries to best Garou and Platinum Sperm but fails, with him eventually being defeated by the latter. The remaining two fighters resume their accelerated battle, exchanging a multitude of blows in the sky within only 1.3 milliseconds before Garou manages to send Platinum Sperm into the ground. As Platinum Sperm quickly gets up and calls out Garou, he is finally defeated by the Hero Hunter, who instantly passes through him while delivering a killing blow that causes him to explode into bits.

Meanwhile, Tatsumaki begins to see "God" in front of her, who is impersonating Blast's appearance in order to lure her into accepting its powers. Remembering what Blast has told her about not expecting someone to come save her, Tatsumaki realizes that whoever is in front of her is not Blast, and asks that thing about its identity. Unable to deceive Tatsumaki, "God" simply leaves in irritation. Soon, Blast, using his teleportation ability, comes up to Tatsumaki, worrying about her and is surprised that she has managed to resist "it". As Blast comments that Tatsumaki has grown, she makes a smile on her face without opening her eyes. King, who stands next to him, is astonished at Blast's sudden emergence. Saitama, carrying an injured Puri-Puri Prisoner, comes up to them and notices Blast as well, calling out his name. Hearing Saitama, King and Genos are surprised that the person they are seeing is that top-ranked S-Class hero. Blast talks to them, stating that he was fighting "that thing", in a different place. He recognizes King and tells him to protect Tatsumaki, saying that he has to go and provide backup. As King questions what he meant, Blast steps through a portal that appears to have multiple people on the other side, and he says that he is not fighting alone shortly before teleporting away, much to King's confusion.

Immediately after, a big earthquake occurs and the source of it is revealed to be Sage Centipede, who emerges from the deep hole, where Tatsumaki has attacked Orochi before. After showing up, Sage Centipede loudly claims that it has been sent to destroy the "abominable fist" that opposes "God" and declares itself the "Incarnation of Father Earth". As Sage Centipede directs its eyes towards the sea, Evil Natural Water, now known as Evil Ocean Water, begins rising. Sage Centipede refers to Evil Ocean Water as the "Incarnation of Mother Ocean", stating that along with the latter, it will bring total destruction. In an instant, Garou jumps up towards Sage Centipede and pummels it in the head.

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  • When this chapter was released online on January 14, 2022, it only had 45 pages due to a mistake in the page number.[1] Murata later added the missing pages on January 17, 2022, making a total of 49 pages.[2]



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