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"Forfeit" (没収, Bosshū, Tonari: 198) is the 153rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The intense battle between Garou and Bang continues, with Bang being the one who is at a disadvantage but briefly gaining the upper hand by using grappling and kicking Garou away. Garou eventually demonstrates his Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist, to the shock of both Bang and Bomb, and he crosses fists with Bang in a rapid clash of blows. The intense shockwaves generated from Garou's technique are so powerful that they turn even debris within vicinity into powder, which prompts Bomb to remark that it will be over for Bang if he takes a direct hit from the Hero Hunter, as the shockwaves will course through and wreck his body. However; Bang is able to effectively avoid that devastating technique from Garou until they attempt to land a final attack on each other. Bang successfully punches Garou in the face, drawing a noticeable amount of blood from him and cracking his face, while Garou simply grazes Bang's chest but the shockwave from his blow is still strong enough to cause a heavy toll on Bang, which makes his former master finally fall defeated after a tough fight.

Bomb expresses his concern about his brother's condition. He then notices that Fuhrer Ugly is approaching his brother as the fat monster smiles and is delighted that he has finally found Bang to claim his revenge.

The scene switches to when Platinum Sperm, the ultimate fusion of Black Sperm, is about to be born, and Zombieman is pinning down Homeless Emperor. Zombieman claims to Homeless Emperor that not even Platinum Sperm can stand a chance against King, stating that their efforts are futile in front of the famous hero's overwhelming strength. Homeless Emperor responds to him that King, however, is being cautious and observing. He smiles with confidence, saying that even a single Black Sperm is strong enough to take on an A-Class hero, and with so many clones combined, their power would be unimaginable, although he claims the fusion still isn't as powerful as him. Homeless Emperor offers Zombieman a quick and painless death as he tells the hero to let go of him, though Zombieman replies that he still has several questions and starts interrogating the nature of his powers. But before Homeless Emperor could say anything, he saw a giant figure appear on the Moon. Suddenly, he experiences a vision where he is in a giant field with "God" looming above him. Homeless Emperor's life along with his light powers, are then taken away by "God", marking his death as his body disintegrates before Zombieman's very eyes.

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