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"Check" (王手, Ōte, Tonari: 197) is the 152nd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Black Sperm, Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor wonder why King is still not making his move. Black Sperm asks Homeless Emperor regarding how the famous hero fights, to which he responds that King, out of all heroes, is the only one with an abnormal lack of battle data and he can cause monsters to lose consciousness without even touching them, telling the others to not let their guards down even though they have Tatsumaki and Genos as hostages. Before Homeless Emperor can test King by trying to attack him with his massive energy sphere, King asks him what if he touched his light ball, which he answers that the hero would be vaporized. Homeless Emperor proceeds to try to make the first move, but just as he is about to attack, King advises him that he should pay attention to the loose rocks under his feet in order not to fall. Homeless Emperor, however, mistakenly takes that as a warning that King would be able to instantly dodge his attack and kill him. He is stressed by King but still declares that he will show everyone the "real" him. King is frightened and mistakenly believes Homeless Emperor is already aware of him being just a normal human, and speaks "just a regular human". After hearing what King has just said, Homeless Emperor is in terror as he (incorrectly) thinks King has realized he is nothing more than a normal human without his light powers. Homeless Emperor decides not to let him talk anymore to prevent the other monsters from finding out his weakness, and tries to kill King.

However; before he could launch his energy sphere, Zombieman suddenly emerges behind Homeless Emperor and grabs his neck, pinning him down. Child Emperor is delighted to see that Zombieman has managed to survive, while Homeless Emperor is in panic and calls for Black Sperm's assistance to get the S-Class hero away from him. However; Black Sperm still remains his focus on King and decides to handle the hero on his own. Meanwhile, Child Emperor sends his messenger bugs to some of the present heroes, informing them of his plan of luring all the monsters into a straight line in front of King so that he can unleash his Ultimate Hellfire Burst Wave Motion Cannon and eliminate all of them.

Black Sperm reveals to King that he, also counting Golden Sperm, currently has a total of 54 trillion of "him" and asks the hero if he can manage to defeat all of them. After finishing talking, all of his clones charge toward Golden Sperm and begin merging with him, while a unit of 100 Black Sperm cells is detached as insurance. As the 100 unit of Black Sperms is confronted by Metal Bat, Black Sperm is in tears. While dodging Metal Bat's attacks, he feels incredible sadness as trillions of "him" are being erased as if they all are fighting for dominance, yet he is incredibly happy at the same time because all of him are combining to form one new being, the Platinum Sperm, marking the true "him" debut. As Evil Natural Water and the new fusion are now right in front of King, Child Emperor notifies King that Genos and Tatsumaki have been rescued (by Puri-Puri Prisoner) and tells him to quickly release his attack.

The final Black Sperm clone, in a state of extreme emotion, watches Platinum Sperm being born as Metal Bat is about to smash him.

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