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"The Greatest Obstacle" (最大の壁, Saidai no kabe, Tonari: 196) is the 151st chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Homeless Emperor rains a blazing streak of pure energy down on Iaian, Spring Mustachio, and Atomic Samurai. The two A-Class heroes slowly become overwhelmed while Atomic Samurai is still unable to unsheathe his new weapon, the Sun Blade. Atomic Samurai recalls conversing with Nichirin and that the Sun Blade is a telepathic weapon, only unsheathed by those it deems worthy. Atomic Samurai then reaches an intense level of concentration as his mind becomes a reflective water surface, dispelling even the surface's explosive sounds. The Sun Blade finally answers his call.

Atomic Samurai, having his spirit heavily influenced by the blade, leaps into the air as he shreds Homeless Emperor's enormous concentration of energy ball apart. Astonished, Homeless Emperor summons many energy orbs and sends them soaring towards the swordsman but to no effect against the power of the Sun Blade. Just as Atomic Samurai is about to shred the hapless cadre, Golden Sperm appears and blocks the killing blow. The Sun Blade is only able to make a small laceration in Golden Sperm's ultra-durable frame, but the second the latter attempts to break the blade, it starts curving at impossible angles and cuts half of Golden Sperm's right arm clean off. The Sun Blade sheathes itself as Atomic Samurai regains control of his spirit and he is utterly spent. Having had a taste of the Sun Blade, Homeless Emperor and Golden Sperm are shocked but quickly realize Atomic Samurai's inability to continue wielding his newfound weapon. Evil Natural Water then shows up, much to Iaian's surprise, who thought the monster was completely eliminated by Superalloy Darkshine. Just as Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor prepare to retaliate, a rumbling sound is heard from behind them.

King appears and his enemies are stunned by his presence. Black Sperm, Golden Sperm, Homeless Emperor and Evil Natural Water together ready to face the lone hero. Metal Bat arrives on the scene and initially intends to help King but then decides to let King handle those foes alone while Metal Bat himself makes sure to keep any of the Black Sperm clones from getting away. Child Emperor and Puri-Puri Prisoner then climb out of the debris. All the heroes are relieved that King is finally fighting. King looks composed and confident but within his mind, he is extremely terrified and he regrets trying to save Genos. He is distraught, realizing all the monsters in front of him are powerful enough that they are not afraid to face him.

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  • This chapter initially had 25 pages when it was first released on October 30, 2021 (Japan time zone). Murata later adjusted it and published the new version of the chapter at the same time as Chapter 152 on November 13, 2021 (Japan time zone).


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