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"Master and Disciple" (師と弟子, Shi to deshi, Tonari: 195) is the 150th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Garou and Bang continue their fight with Garou then taking the stance of Exploding Heart Release Fist, a fighting style that Bang primarily used before developing Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. Both Bang and Bomb are surprised and Bomb asks his brother how did Garou know of the style as Bang had sealed it long ago. Bang reveals that Garou once broke into the safe that contained the scrolls of secret techniques at his dojo and got a grasp of that style. Despite Garou using Exploding Heart Release Fist reminds Bang of his past self, he still determines to not lose.

Bang's past begins to be revealed, with him once being a ruffian who recklessly challenged any strong opponents and put them in the hospital. Disgusted by his brother's brutality, Bomb decided to confront Bang himself and put an end to his rampage. Before they fought, Bomb noted that while his brother thought he'd gained tremendous power, he hadn't overcome himself, and stated that he would have to teach Bang a lesson about that. Their fight began, and Bomb defeated his younger brother. As Bang attempted to spite his older brother, Bomb told him to cool off a bit before leaving. This loss would come to humble Bang and make him see the error of his ways. Bang would choose to create a new defense-oriented fighting style and decided to follow in his brother's footsteps by creating a dojo. During the years, Bomb would keep an eye on his brother, visiting his dojo and smiling with pride at his brother's changed attitude.

Back to the present, after recalling his memories about Bang and seeing that his brother is being overwhelmed by Garou, Bomb notes that if Bang uses Exploding Heart Release Fist, then perhaps he can still stand a chance. Bomb quickly figures out that Bang won't use it as his brother is being pushed back. Bang feels like that he is getting through this as he tells Bomb to watch carefully. He keeps on fighting and attempts to reach Garou by the voice hidden within his fists. He then decides that he will quit being a hero after this incident and expresses his desire of being Garou's master once again.

The scene switches to when Genos and Tatsumaki are desperately fighting against Black Sperm, who overwhelms them with countless numbers of copies and even tears off all of Genos' limbs. Tatsumaki tells the cyborg to leave her and run away, stating that he has no chance of winning. Genos, in his mind, thinks that if he was the old him, he would have self-destructed in this situation, engulfing even the other heroes without hesitation, but now he refuses to resort to that as he shields Tatsumaki from Black Sperm's onslaught with his own damaged body. As Black Sperm mocks Genos, asking the hero if he can crawl any faster, he hears the rumbling of King Engine from King.

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