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"Hobby and Work" (趣味と仕事, Shumi to Shigoto, Tonari: 15) is the 15th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Speed-o'-Sound Sonic starts the fight with Saitama by showing off his speed, by running and jumping at tremendous speeds around Saitama. He begins to goad Saitama about his speed until Saitama whips his head around to look at Sonic, asking if he could leave. This surprises Sonic who then flips and attempts to kick Saitama, but instead runs his crotch into Saitama's outstretched fist. Several moments later, Sonic stands in front of Saitama, practically crossing his legs in pain, and declares him his rival.

Some time later, Saitama is back in his apartment, talking to Genos about the incident with Saitama expressing his disappointment that Sonic hadn't heard of him, and his general lack of fame. Genos then tells Saitama about The National Super Hero Registry, something that if someone is not a part of, they won't be recognized as a hero. Saitama had never heard of this before, because it was founded after he became a hero, so the two decide to register themselves.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

  1. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (cover)
  2. Saitama (cover)
  3. Genos (cover)
  4. Agoni (debut)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • This chapter marks the end of the Paradise Group Arc and also provides an intro for the National Superhero Registry Arc.


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