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"Ambush" (伏兵, Fukuhei, Tonari: 193) is the 149th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


When Fuhrer Ugly is about to get up after being brutalised by Golden Sperm, he is suddenly attacked by Homeless Emperor sending multiple energy balls at him. Golden Sperm is surprised that he has finally decided to give a hand, with Homeless Emperor stating that because it was unbearable for him to watch. Fuhrer Ugly quickly recovers and gets up, trying to retaliate against Homeless Emperor by spitting an acid drop towards him. However; he manages to block the acidic attack with his energy spheres and proceeds to bombard the fat monster with consecutive energy orbs. Fuhrer Ugly lies defeated on the ground shortly before recovering again. Realizing that he is outmatched, Fuhrer Ugly slowly leaves Homeless Emperor and Golden Sperm while declaring his revenge on them one day. Golden Sperm intends to finish him off, but Homeless Emperor manages to persuade him into letting Fuhrer Ugly go, stating that the latter is still useful for them.

Golden Sperm switches his focus on Superalloy Darkshine, who is trembling in fear due to suffering damage from Fuhrer Ugly's digestive fluids in his prior brief clash against the monster. He then comments about Darkshine's unworthiness for being an S-Class hero shortly before landing a punch on his face, which sends the hero flying a considerable distance towards Iaian, Atomic Samurai and Spring Mustachio's whereabouts.

After leaving Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor, Fuhrer Ugly expresses his desires to retaliate against them and against Bang while trying to find the hero, with four clones of Black Sperm watching him from a distance and planning to take him down. Metal Bat suddenly appears behind the Black Sperm clones and asks them whether they know the Hero Hunter is around here. The clones then reply to him that who cares if he is here or not shortly before attacking Metal Bat in an attempt to kill him. The hero quickly retaliates against the clones, annihilating all four of them with a single swing from his bat. King emerges from behind a rubble and wonders why he is always left alone as he has a flashback of Metal Bat deciding to separate from him.

Homeless Emperor begins to attack Atomic Samurai, Iaian and Spring Mustachio using his Extreme Carpet Bombing, sending a massive amount of energy spheres towards them from the sky. Iaian and Spring Mustachio manage to defend themselves and Atomic Samurai against his attack by deflecting the energy balls using their sword. Genos and Tatsumaki are seen struggling against a large number of Black Sperm clones surrounding them.

After being saved by his Underdog Man robot from a large energy sphere of Homeless Emperor and barely surviving by escaping into an opening in the rubble, Child Emperor sends Bofoi a message via his phone, informing him of the current situation and urgently asking for his assistance against the Monster Association. Child Emperor, knowing that the oxygen in his space only lasts him about less than 10 minutes, holds his breath and hopes for someone to find him via his transmitter. Shortly after, Puri-Puri Prisoner comes to the child hero's rescue.

When a heavily damaged Genos crawls on the ground carrying a seemingly unconscious Tatsumaki while being surrounded by countless copies of Black Sperm, King appears in front of them.

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