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"Toxic Substance" (劇物, Gekibutsu, Tonari: 192) is the 147th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Garou starts engaging in combat with Bomb and the two of them are capable of holding their own relatively well against each other. Fubuki watches the battle and tries to assist the old man against the Hero Hunter. However; they are fighting so fast that her eyes cannot follow their movements. As Fubuki appears to lose her focus, Garou tries to attack her but Bomb manages to block his strike and then purposefully lands a blow on Garou that sends him flying away in an attempt to keep Fubuki away from the fight. Bomb then immediately rushes towards Garou as they are away from Fubuki.

Pig God appears before Fubuki and is then aware of Tanktop Master, who is lying nearby with severe injuries. As Pig God is worrying about him, Fubuki asks for his help to heal Tanktop Master.

Meanwhile, in another front, the other heroes along with the members of the Council of Swordmasters are continuing to fend off countless copies of Black Sperm. Suddenly, Tatsumaki is caught by a massive Black Sperm clone who has just burst out of the ground, and is about to be squeezed by the monster. Before Black Sperm can squeeze her however, Genos arrives and manages to free Tatsumaki from the hold by incinerating the monster. A large Black Sperm clone immediately emerges behind Genos and slams the cyborg into the ground. However, Genos immediately makes use of his suit's burial escape functionality to get back on his feet, stating that it uses the data from when he fought Tatsumaki. Together, Genos and Tatsumaki prepare to face off against Black Sperm.

Fuhrer Ugly, in his mutated form, arrives at the battlefield and immediately demands to fight Silver Fang, whom he blames for his current horrifying state. Black Sperm teases him for his ugly state and Fuhrer Ugly angrily responds by shooting an acid spit on several clones of the monster which melts them to death. Superalloy Darkshine attacks Fuhrer Ugly using his Superalloy Double Bazooka, which the monster counters with his own Forearm Melting Punch. Due to Fuhrer Ugly's strength and newfound abilities, Darkshine's attack is not only negated, but the acid on the monster's body starts to dissolve the hero's hands. Fuhrer Ugly proceeds to shoot an acid spit on Darkshine, which hits his chest, causing him to spin on the ground suffering great pain.

Seeing what happened to Darkshine, Zanbai advises the others to not face Fuhrer Ugly empty-handed and charges at him with a sword, but the monster manages to catch his sword and the sword is instantly melted due to the super-powerful acid covering the monster's hand. Fuhrer Ugly retaliates against the swordsman by spitting acid onto his face, which melts through his head, killing him. As they are terrified by Fuhrer Ugly, Atomic Samurai and Nichirin attack him using their respective techniques, Atomic Slash and Iai Rahu-Ashura Slash almost simultaneously, only to see their own swords get melted by the acid covering his body and Fuhrer Ugly remain unharmed by their attacks.

Garou and Bomb continue fighting. The elder martial artist contemplates Garou's extremely rapid growth, noting the Hero Hunter's newly customized style which has fused every technique together, and questioning whether it came about due to monsterization. Even at a disadvantage, Bomb resolves not to go down until Bang arrives, and he prepares a powerful cutting move which he conceals behind his back. Striking the ground to disorient Garou, Bomb seizes the opportunity to launch his attack, but is shocked to find that Garou perfectly matches and cancels out the blow. With a single hit, Garou knocks Bomb to the ground.

Bang arrives just in time to see his older brother defeated. Bomb calls out to Bang, warning him about Garou's extreme growth, and Bang remains stern in the face of his traitorous former disciple.

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