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"Backup" (助太刀, Sukedachi, Tonari: 191) is the 146th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Fubuki attempts to enter the battle against the remaining monsters of the Monster Association to assist her sister and the other heroes despite her injuries, with Bomb worrying and stopping her from doing so. Bomb, after observing Fubuki, comments that she and Tatsumaki are indeed alike in which Fubuki denies.

In the battlefield, the heroes are managing to fend off Black Sperm, who created a tsunami containing countless copies of himself to try to destroy everything, with the members of the Council of Swordmasters and Spring Mustachio also having arrived to support them. After seeing that his enemies have managed to defend themselves against countless amount of his copies and that they are proving difficult, a clone of Black Sperm asks Homeless Emperor, who is nonchalantly sitting in a rubble and watching the fight from a distance, for assistance. However; he refuses Black Sperm's call for help and states that it's a race to hunt the S-Class, telling the monster to prove itself, in which the clone is upset and leaves. Homeless Emperor is then seen planning to get rid of Black Sperm after the monster splits to its maximum amount and destroys the civilisation of humanity with overwhelming numbers, and continues to calmly watch the battle as Black Sperm is struggling against his enemies.

Genos finally manages to bring Tanktop Master to Fubuki, asking her to heal him shortly before going back to the battle. Bomb and Fubuki are shocked at seeing Tanktop Master's injuries with Fubuki expressing doubt if her remaining power will be enough to save him and Bomb also wishing if his strength can be drawn upon, in which Fubuki suggests trying it. She then puts her hand and Bomb's together on Tanktop Master, using her telekinesis to try to heal the wounded hero with the combined power from both her and Bomb's. This proves to work, as Tanktop Master is recovering from his injuries albeit only a little.

Suddenly, Garou emerges with a monstrous appearance and confronts both Fubuki and Bomb. The martial artist then loudly calls Bang, informing his brother and the others of Garou's presence. As Bang is busy with holding off Black Sperm's clones, Atomic Samurai tells him to go and leave the place for him, much to Bang's gratitude.

Fubuki and Bomb prepare to fight Garou.

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