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"Silver Fang" (シルバーファング, Shirubā Fangu, Tonari: 189) is the 144th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


A group of heroes are evacuating the injured civilians in Z-City. Pig God is shown to approach them from the air after being launched by Tanktop Master. He begins spitting the members of the Narinki's Private Squad, Bushidrill and Okamaitachi from his mouth, and informs the rescue team that one of them is badly injured and needs to be treated. Mumen Rider approaches Pig God and asks him about the situation of the battle. The fat hero answers him that Tanktop Master has shown up and it is thanks to the latter that the heroes have a chance to overcome the situation. Pig God then further informs Mumen Rider and some members of the Tank Topper Army that Tanktop Master is still fighting the remaining high-ranked monsters, and passes a message from Tanktop Master to them. After receiving the message from him, they are encouraged and continue their rescue operation more enthusiastically. Pig God then decides to return to the battle.

As Fuhrer Ugly is about to get his hands on Tatsumaki, Bang arrives at the scene and pierces through Gums with a kick, managing to save Tanktop Master from its stomach, with Genos following by incinerating its insides. Seeing that Gums was attacked, Fuhrer Ugly quickly switches his focus on Bang, trying to attack him with his Face Caving Punch while the hero is holding Tanktop Master. However; Bang skillfully uses his leg to deflect Fuhrer Ugly's punch back at him, knocking the ugly monster back. He then checks Tanktop Master's condition and states that his heart has stopped beating. While Genos is about to defibrillate the seemingly dead hero, Bang grabs his tank top and snaps it back onto his body. This magically acts as a defibrillator, restarting his heart and reviving him through what Tanktop Master called "Tank Top Magic".

After Bang and Genos have a quick check on Tanktop Master, Fuhrer Ugly gets up and Gums grabs the cyborg hero by surprise, entrapping him within its jaws after having healed its injuries. Despite Bang warning Fuhrer Ugly that his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist is the ultimate defense against any attack and not recommending the monster to try to attack him, Fuhrer Ugly however still attempts to attack Bang with a more powerful punch than before. As Fuhrer Ugly throws his Dignity Caving Punch at Bang, the martial artist once again manages to redirect his punch towards Gums and then retaliates against Fuhrer Ugly by unleashing a flurry of strikes to push the fat monster back. After being injured and forcibly spit out Genos due to the punch redirected into it, in retaliation, Gums attacks Fuhrer Ugly, swallowing him whole as the gluttony monster believes that it was punched on purpose. Bang and Genos take the opportunity to leave the two monsters and bring Tanktop Master and Tatsumaki to Fubuki in order to let her heal their injuries. Fuhrer Ugly then rips Gums in half from inside, with his body dissolved by its stomach acid, and claims his revenge on the old man.

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