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"Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" (木星, Mokusei, Tonari: 188) is the 143rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Bang, Bomb and Genos are observing as Tatsumaki is being chased down by a massive amount of energy spheres from Homeless Emperor and is seemingly caught and defeated. However; it is revealed that she has managed to swap herself with a decoy created by her during the pursue and escape. The real Tatsumaki, waning from her injuries, appears before Bang, Bomb, Genos and Fubuki. She then becomes furious at seeing Fubuki's injuries, but is quickly calmed down by her sister.

Seeing that Tatsumaki is heavily injured and weakened, Fubuki tries to stop her from returning to battle. Despite her efforts to convince her, Tatsumaki still decides to leave and fight the remaining monsters after stating that Fubuki has indeed grown. As Fubuki is left in tears after failing to stop her sister, Genos reassures her by telling her that he will assist Tatsumaki. Watching that Genos is about to leave and believing him to be reckless, Bang too decides to accompany the cyborg and aid Fubuki's sister, telling Bomb to take care of Fubuki and inform him if he spots Garou.

The Council of Swordmasters and Spring Mustachio arrive at the battle and are about to assist the heroes against the remaining monsters.

Tanktop Master is seen in the fight against Gums as he struggles to not let it chomp down on him until Pig God tackles the monster so that it spits him out. However, the heroes witness as Fuhrer Ugly takes a member of the Narinki's Private Squad hostage and rips his arm out. Gums takes the opportunity to try and eat Tanktop Master again, this time chomping down on him more successfully. As Tatsumaki temporarily distracts Fuhrer Ugly by stopping the monster from killing the Narinki Squad member, Tanktop Master is once again rescued by Pig God tackling the gluttony monster, freeing him from it. Tanktop Master then prepares to throw Pig God after the fat hero puts the Narinki Squad and Bushidrill in his mouth to prevent any more hostages. Before launching Pig God, Tanktop Master tells him to pass on a message to Mumen Rider that the heroes will win. He then charges at Fuhrer Ugly with his Tanktop Tackle after the monster just broke free from Tatsumaki's restraints and knocked her back, only to be met by a powerful punch from the monster that shatters both of his forearms. Tanktop Master is then brutally attacked by Fuhrer Ugly. Feeling powerless against the monster, he reassures himself that his tanktop is invincible shortly before being mercilessly brutalized. Left in a bloody pulp, Tanktop Master is ultimately taken by Gums into its mouth.

Fuhrer Ugly then sets his eyes on and approaches Tatsumaki, who is lying on a nearby rock and is heavily injured and weakened.

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  • "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" is the fourth movement in Gustav Holst's orchestral suite, The Planets. Homeless Emperor's postures in the beginning of the chapter resemble that of a musical conductor, and he makes several references to musical terms. Such as asking Black Sperm if he has ever listened to a symphony, and how he'll finish off Tatsumaki in the second movement.
  • The title may be a possible homage to God since Psykos described God as looking like Jupiter, and Homeless Emperor has a major role in the chapter.


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