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"Rejuvenated Offence" (捲土重来, Kendo Jūki, Tonari: 186) is the 141st chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Suiko, who is Suiryu's sister, visits her older brother at the Hero Association Hospital while he is sleeping. Upon being teased by his little sister, Suiryu wakes up and they then have a conversation. Suiko expresses a little surprise after seeing that her brother is actually serious about becoming a hero and helping others with his strength.

Tatsumaki's massive psychic barrier that she used to envelop the Z-City starts vanishing, allowing the medical helicopter to come to assist the people that are inside it. Tanktop Master and Fubuki take a look at Tatsumaki in the sky, and seeing that her sister is still alive, Fubuki is relieved. Despite witnessing Tatsumaki's enormous psychic power again, Tanktop Master still expresses his desire to overcome her someday.

Having looked at Tatsumaki in the sky, Bang is surprised that the selfish, solitary Class S members would start cooperating with each other, even Tatsumaki herself, noting that they have truly grown. He later discusses with Bomb regarding Garou with Bomb stating that Garou might have been inside the Monster Association Headquarters and that the Hero Hunter could have died. Bang, however, replies that Garou is not the one to die so easily, and tells his older brother to not let their guards down. Puri-Puri Prisoner, Superalloy Darkshine, Atomic Samurai, Fubuki and Tanktop Master then come to Bang's and Bomb's whereabouts. Atomic Samurai questions if Flashy Flash is allright given that the latter was still stuck inside the Monster Association base. Tatsumaki, though, psychically contacts Fubuki and informs her that Flashy Flash wasn't down there when she drilled into the ground using the Monster Association base after turning it into a spear of light.

Homeless Emperor stares at a severely injured Zombieman while noting that Gyoro Gyoro and Orochi might have been defeated. Sweet Mask then suddenly emerges from the smoke that was created before by the explosion from Homeless Emperor's energy spheres, attempting to attack him. However; before he can reach Homeless Emperor, Sweet Mask is restrained by Black Sperm mid-air, who suddenly bursts out of the ground. Fuhrer Ugly afterward shows up from the ground the same way Black Sperm did, and scares off the top-ranked A-Class hero with his ugly face. Due to his weakness against ugly people, Sweet Mask screams out of fear upon being scared off. The fat monster then brutally punches Sweet Mask in the face, severely deforming the hero's face, and proceeds to tear him apart and toss him away.

After defeating Sweet Mask, Fuhrer Ugly steps on Zombieman's regenerating body and taunts Child Emperor while readying a punch, but is interrupted by a massive orb launched by Homeless Emperor. The orb impacts the ground in a massive explosion, with Atomic Samurai, Iaian, Pig God, and Tanktop Master, as well as Fuhrer Ugly, only nearly avoiding it. Atomic Samurai tries to contact Child Emperor, who seemed to have been caught in midst of the explosion, but gets no response, just as Evil Natural Water emerges from the ground. Iaian immediately recognizes the threat and readies his sword in fear. Pig God and Tanktop Master are similarly barely able to avoid being eaten by Gums, who bursts forth from the rubble.

Homeless Emperor, Fuhrer Ugly, and Black Sperm quarrel with one another, but agree to work together as they head out to confront the rest of the now disoriented and split up heroes.

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