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"Stones and Diamonds" (石とダイヤ, Ishi to daiya, Tonari: 185) is the 140th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Both King and Tareo are running before encountering a physical anomaly with the space in front of them appearing distorted. Metal Bat also sees the anomaly that prevents him from recognising King and Tareo, who are in front of him. Suddenly, Pineapple, Mohican, and Food Battler Futoshi come out of the supposed anomaly between them, it is later revealed by Food Battler Futoshi that the anomaly acts as a quantum stealth shield that covered a tank. Waganma comes out of the tank and hugs Tareo upon seeing him with Tareo also expressing relief as Waganma is also safe. Waganma then questions Tareo about if Child Emperor saved him but Tareo declines and says that it was King and "the uncle" who saved him. Waganma urgently asks King and Metal Bat to save Child Emperor, Metal Bat in his mind questions if Waganma really has changed his attitude and the latter replies that his dad will pay for the medical bills much to Metal Bat's relief. Both Pineapple and Mochian apologize to Metal Bat for not being able to protect Waganma from the monster who took him before.

Metal Bat responds to not falter as their "debts" make a man at his strongest. Both Pineapple and Mochian are demotivated because of the power gap between them and the S-Class heroes. Sekingar then shows up from the tank and tells both of them to not be insecure of the power gap and orders two lower-ranked heroes to guard the two kids. Sekingar also tells Metal Bat and King to wait standby in an area where they can keep track of the battle. Metal Bat, who is surprised that the Hero Association has someone like Sekingar, obeys him much to a pleased Sekingar. After listening to what Sekingar has said, King expresses disappointment that he couldn't be much help when he attracted Elder Centipede who mistakenly took him for a strong opponent but assures himself that Saitama will show up.

King who now musters up the courage understood and says he will do his best. Metal Bat teases than pats King on the back much to his relief. Tareo asks King to save "the uncle" but King questions who is "the uncle" that Tareo is talking about wonders if he is a hero. Tareo, however, replies that he doesn't know who "the uncle" really is and just tells King not to bully him if the hero find him. Metal Bat fashions up a slingshot with parts of a tire and kicks a truck attaching the line to the makeshift slingshot completing it. The two S-Class heroes get on the slingshot and both Tareo and Waganma tell them to good luck before Sekingar lasers the rope. King and Metal Bat are then flung into the air before crashing outside a batting cage.

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