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"Into the Abyss" (深淵へ, Shin'en e, Tonari: 183) is the 138th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Drive Knight and Genos unleash powerful beams onto Psykos' jet, overloading her with energy. However, Psykos stores the energy and releases it back to the two heroes from the wound they inflicted, leaving them plunging to the ground. She proceeds to make a final attempt to eliminate Tatsumaki via firing an energy beam but it was intercepted by a massive boulder thrown by Tanktop Master. With Fubuki's assistance in increasing his physical capabilities, Tanktop Master throws a series of large boulders at Psykos, buying other heroes valuable time to recuperate.

Drive Knight reaches Genos and requests assistance in fusing together to maximize power output, Genos agrees but warns Drive Knight that his core is near it's limit. Psykos is then stopped midair by the result of their transformation, Tactical Combination: Promoted Rook. Tanktop Master proceeds to throw an entire building at the Psykos, containing Kamikaze, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and Superalloy Darkshine. The heroes use a series of combo attacks, Atomic Beeline Slash, Vibration Dark Angel Rush, and Superalloy Missile to pummel the fusion down to the ground. At this moment, Psykos separates from Orochi just as Bang and Bomb appear and use their combination attack, Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist, to incapacitate the fallen monster. Tatsumaki prepares to finish Orochi as the ground begins to shake.

Meanwhile, in the underground, Flashy Flash states that his arm is stuck under something heavy, to which Saitama discovers a cube like object resembling the one Blast held during the previous chapter's flashback. Before Flashy Flash could pull his arm out, the ground in front of them is pulled out by Tatsumaki and effectively breaks Instakill, Flashy Flash's katana, which was also stuck in the rubble. Tatsumaki charges up the spire with psychic energy as she redirects it towards Orochi, ready to deliver a killing blow. Manako attempts to escape using the hole created where Flashy Flash's arm was stuck in, but the three quickly notices something mysterious dwelling there: a large humanoid creature crouched in a fetal position, resembling God. A scattering of stars spread around the figure, implying that the three are observing past the fabric of reality and towards somewhere deep within the universe.

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