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"Disgrace and Fundamentals" (醜態と基本, Shūtai to kihon, Tonari: 180) is the 135th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Drive Knight has a flashback of 5 minutes prior to his arrival. Drive Knight is seen observing the battle between Tatsumaki and the Psykos Orochi fusion unfold from afar. He expresses his interest in collecting a sample of the fusion but due to the prior battle between him and Nyan, his remaining energy reserves are extremely limited. The ground all over Z-City has ripped apart due to the highly powerful psychic move performed by Tatsumaki, and due to this, Drive Knight quickly notices a large damaged underground energy cable beneath him. In order to join the battle against the fusion, Drive Knight proceeds to take the energy from the cable by sticking his hand into it. This caused a major power outage in the nearby area but allowed Drive Knight to arrive at the scene.

To the present, where the heroes are composing themselves and devising a plan. Sweet Mask is seen recounting his battle with Fuhrer Ugly, he berates himself for "curling up like a baby" during the fight. The other heroes finally notice Sweet Mask and cast him multiple glances. Due to his immense pride as a self-proclaimed "true hero", Sweet Mask mistakes them for looks of disapproval as he thought the heroes overheard the request for help he gave to Tatsumaki during his fight with Fuhrer Ugly (which is unlikely). He further mistakes Child Emperor's friendly gesture for him to stay in the rearguard as an insult.

Sweet Mask decides that if the news of his defeat was to be published, his reputation as an idol hero would be tarnished. Therefore, he considers killing everyone on the scene and covering it up by explaining it as a work of some monster. As Sweet Mask prepares to show his true self, Iaian interrupts by asking whether he is fine. This causes Sweet Mask to have a flashback about an encounter with Blast, most likely due to some similarities in the appearance and posture of Iaian and Blast. Blast is seen at some point in the past having saving Sweet Mask from some monster, this memory causes Sweet Mask to snap out of his murderous intent and smashing his head on the broken concrete. He then tells Iaian that his outfit wasn't matching as an excuse for his aggressive behavior, while making a final remark about needing to retain self-control.

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