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"Twist" (ねじれ, Nejire, Tonari: 177 + 178) is the 134th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

The battle between the two heroes and the regenerated fusion monster continues. While Genos is busy with holding off the energy beams from Orochi's dragons, Psykos shoots a massive energy blast towards Tatsumaki. Seeing this, Genos manages to appear in front of Tatsumaki and helps her by shooting an energy blast towards the fusion monster's energy beam. As both of their respective energy attacks clash, Genos tells Tatsumaki to hurry and pull the other heroes out of the Monster Association Headquarters while he pushes through the energy beam from Psykos.

Tatsumaki begins pulling out the trapped heroes from the tower successfully. After a brief clash with the fusion monster and managing to negate one of their energy attacks, Genos is immobilized and seemingly no longer in fighting condition. Psykos then shoots another energy beam in an attempt to finish them off, but Tatsumaki stops the energy beam while holding the fellow hero. She then deflects the attack away and starts asking Psykos a question regarding her sister Fubuki while terrifying her.

Fubuki, who is now on the ground along with Bang and Bomb, takes a look at the sky, noticing that her sister is concentrating psychic power. She then states that Tatsumaki plans to end the fight. Psykos is still impressed by Tatsumaki's power shortly before being twisted by her along with the Monster Association Headquarters.

The blood from the twisted the fusion of Psykos and Orochi is coming from underground, while Atomic Samurai is looking for his disciples but he couldn't find Iaian. Child Emperor is trying to communicate with Zombieman but there is no signal of Zombieman, only his locator. After that, Pig God appears and protects Child Emperor from the falling rocks.

Meanwhile in the underground, Saitama is asking Manako if whatever is happening is the work of her boss and he wonders if his house is going to get destroyed. Manako and Saitama then resume trying to free Flashy Flash from being trapped by the rocks. King is climbing some stairs with Tareo but the buildings around them suddenly collapse and they are forced to go downstairs instead. Tatsumaki is still twisting up Psykos, her battle seemingly having come to an end. 

Part 2[]

Tatsumaki suddenly starts coughing blood while wondering if she used too much power. Psykos notices that Tatsumaki's power is getting weaker and she uses a move that works as a smokescreen in an attempt to escape. The fusion of Psykos and Orochi transforms into a jet and tries to consume the blood from the humans in the city. Tatsumaki senses that their presence is divided into seven due to Psykos using the same technique that Tatsumaki used before, but she manages to create a giant psychic barrier surrounding them so that the monster won't be able to escape. Psykos tries to pierce Tatsumaki's heart using a laser attack, as she believes the esper hero needs to take all of her concentration to maintain the barrier so large, thus this is a chance to finish her off, but she ends up hitting a dummy created by the hero. Tatsumaki now knows her location. Drive Knight then appears and joins their battle.

Drive Knight and the fusion monster continue their clash inside Tatsumaki's psychic barrier. Genos appears before the other S-Class heroes, who are now on the ground, and informs them of the current situation and that Tatsumaki is near at her limit, asking for their help shortly before rejoining the battle in the sky.

Having successfully rescued the Narinki's Private Squad, Zombieman and Iaian from underground. Pig God, who is now on the ground along with the other S-Class heroes, begins splitting them out of his stomach, much to Child Emperor's surprise. Iaian regains his consciousness and is informed by Pig God about what was happened, he then expresses his gratitude towards the fat hero for saving him and the Narinki Squad. Iaian later has a reunion with his master, who suddenly appears before him and is thinking of a way to hit the fusion monster in the sky.

Meanwhile, Tanktop Master begins rescuing the civilian from being trapped by falling concretes. He amazes the other heroes standing nearby by easily lifting a large concrete whereas all of them couldn't even move it before. Afterward, a medical Helicopter appears in the sky and attempts to enter where they are in order to rescue the injured people but the helicopter is stopped by Tatsumaki's invisible barrier, the barrier that she created to prevent Psykos and Orochi from escaping. Tanktop Master then aware of the barrier, he wonders if she is fighting and thinking about helping her. After asking Lightning Max where Tatsumaki is, Tanktop Master tells Mumen Rider that he will head over the Monster Association Headquarters to support the esper hero and recommends Mumen Rider to stay and continue with the rescue operations. Tanktop Master then proceeds to lift a transmission tower nearby and throws it through the air while grabbing its wire to travel to the Monster Association HQ. The battle in the sky is continuing, Atomic Samurai and Iaian are seen watching the battle from the ground.

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