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"Turn Over!" (ひっくり返す!, Hikkurikaesu!, Tonari: 173) is the 129th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Garou continues his beatdown on Superalloy Darkshine. He slips past a punch from Darkshine and delivers a strike that forces the hero to cough up blood. Garou taunts Darkshine, who looks at him in fear. The narration recounts Darkshine's past.

When he was a child, Darkshine was a frail weakling, unable to participate in sports and other physical activities. His frailty left him unable to build self-confidence. On his 15th birthday, his parents gave him a set of 3-kilogram dumbells. He lifted every day, gradually increasing the weight until the amount he could lift was immeasurable. His progress built up his confidence. He eventually joined the Hero Association and continued his search for an opponent who could push him to his limit.

As Garou continues his assault, Darkshine realizes he was never looking for a real fight. Rather, he sought a fight that could give him a satisfying victory. The instant the thought of injury flashes through Darkshine's head, the fear he had long forgotten begins to grow and overwhelm him. He lashes out in despair and knocks Garou back but the injuries are covered with dark spirals and Garou recovers immediately. Garou kicks him in the stomach and pins him to the ground with a follow-up kick to the chain. He moves to strike at Darkshine's ears but pulls back when the hero yelps in fear. Garou judges his assault to be akin to bullying, a pathetic evil compared to what he aims to become.

Suddenly, Garou's joints start to crack, and the dark marks on his body crawl toward his face. A psychic barrier created by Tatsumaki surrounds Darkshine and pulls him up as the ceiling collapses, leaving Garou on the ground amidst the falling rubble. Darkshine, rising higher, tells Garou to run. As he loses sight of Garou, he hangs his head in shame.

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