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"Demons Combined!" (魔合体!, Ma-gattai!, Tonari: 171) is the 127th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Psykos and Tatsumaki continue their battle. Tatsumaki grabs Psykos with a psychic restraint and pulls her up. Psykos, in turn, grabs Tatsumaki and pulls her down, and the two rocket toward each other. Psykos smashes through the floor where Saitama, Flashy Flash, and the Manako are riding and collides with Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki then asks Psykos about the location of the other kid they were looking for.

Somewhere else in the Monster Association base, Tareo finds King and runs to him in relief. King immediately shouts for Tareo to stop, mistakenly believing the boy to be another shapeshifting monster in disguise, and calls him out for it. An invisible monster behind Tareo suddenly reveals himself and flees, thinking that King had seen through his invisibility. King holds Tareo's hand, and they walk off.

The invisible monster runs down a corridor. Suddenly, a slime grabs him and smothers him. This slime is the heart of Orochi, who was now absorbing monsters' blood to revive himself. Orochi senses Pyskos and Tatsumaki battling nearby and reaches toward them.

Psykos continues her assault on Tatsumaki, but the hero effortlessly overpowers her. Tatsumaki forces the information she needs out of Psykos then calls the other heroes with her locator. The only hero who responds is Sweet Mask, who reports of his current situation. They bicker. Suddenly, Orochi, who had regenerated enough of his body to have dragon heads scattered around the opening in the base, blasts Tatsumaki and Psykos from all directions. The blasts catch the hero by surprise, tearing her sleeves, scuffing her, and releasing her grip on Psykos. Psykos laughs maniacally and flies down toward Orochi to take his energy.

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