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"Unknown" (未知, Michi, Tonari: 164) is the 122nd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Child Emperor continues fighting Evil Natural Water. Sludge Jellyfish enters the room and offers to assist Evil Natural Water, but the monster sucks the oil out of him instead. This renders Child Emperor's freezing attack ineffective due to the oil's low freezing point. The hero is astonished by the brainless monster's ability to optimize the situation. The scene then cuts to show Genos making haste to the Monster Association Headquarters, reviewing the data Drive Knight provided to Sekingar as he does so. He notes that all the cadre are troublesome opponents and that there is no time to come up with any good strategies, although it's possible that Saitama has already killed them.

Elsewhere in the Monster Association base, Flashy Flash and Saitama run in circles, neither having any sense of direction. Saitama suggests contacting the other heroes, but Flashy Flash comments that the other S-Class heroes are competent. A narrator explains that the S-Class was created to group together heroes that were consistently capable of defeating monsters with disaster level "Demon".

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