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"Paradise Group" (桃源団, Tōgen-dan, Tonari: 12) is the 12th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The leader of the Paradise Group, Hammerhead gives out a speech about how to work sucks and that only those who want to work should have to. When one of his subordinates mentions that no one is listening to him, Hammerhead gets angry and says to show them how serious they are, they will level the home of the multi-millionaire Zeniru. They get to a skyscraper and level it with one punch using stolen battle suits. One of Hammerheads henchmen then reveals that they destroyed the wrong building and that Zeniru's mansion is further down the road. The group is about to head on towards Zeniru's mansion when the superhero Mumen Rider shows up to stop them. However, he is quickly defeated.

The scene shifts to Saitama waking up rather dramatically from a dream involving snotty fingers. He turns on his television to see a report mentioning Hammerhead and the activities of the Paradise Group and begins to brush his teeth, ignoring the report until they mention that Hammerhead and his group are all bald and that citizens should watch out for bald people on the streets, at which point, Saitama gets very serious and rushes out to stop the group. As Hammerhead and his posse run rampant through the streets to get to Zeniru's mansion, Zeniru prepares to leave his mansion in preparation for the terrorists to arrive when his bodyguard Speed-o'-Sound Sonic appears in the window of his room saying that he will take care of the terrorists. The Paradise Group finally arrives at the grounds of Zeniru's mansion and begins to head through the property when Hammerhead stops them partway up the path. Sonic then appears in front of the group and threatens them all with death. Meanwhile, in his search for the Paradise Group, Saitama is getting mistaken for one of them and is getting rather frustrated.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Hammerhead (Debut)
  2. Paradise Group (Debut)
  3. Mumen Rider (Debut)
  4. Saitama
  5. Zeniru (Debut)
  6. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic (Debut)

Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter marks the start of the Paradise Group Arc.
  • In a panel, next to a sleeping Saitama, a couple of books can be seen, one of which has a picture of Mob, the protagonist of another manga by ONE, on its cover.

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