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"A Glimpse Behind The Scenes" (裏の気配, Ura no Kehai, Tonari: 161) is the 119th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Sekingar marvels at the strength of Drive Knight after witnessing his battle with Nyan. He questions Drive Knight's actions, but the hero excuses the questioning and displays intel on the Monster Association. He tells Sekingar that Bofoi is a traitor to the Hero Association, sowing seeds of doubt in his head. The executive phones the Hero Association to warn them of Bofoi, but G5 appears and shoots his hand off. Before the robot can strike Sekingar, Genos appears out of the sky and stomps it, causing G5 to explode. He then inquires about the situation.

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  • The rooftop that Drive Knight is revealed to have been observing the battle from is the same one from the online cover page of Chapter 111.
  • After G5 arrives, Nyan's body disappears from Drive Knight's hand and the scene (most easily visible on page 19), this is a mistake as he later reappears in Drive Knight's possession in the next chapter.


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