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"Drive Knight" (駆動騎士, Kudō Kishi, Tonari: 160) is the 118th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Drive Knight uses Tactical Transformation: Chariot and leaps at Nyan. The hero circles around the monster and sprays an anesthetic gas in an attempt to immobilize Nyan. He then charges Nyan with his bike, but the monster dodges through a crack in the ground. Drive Knight releases a strong solvent into the ground that forces Nyan back onto the surface. The hero launches several missiles at Nyan, which the monster easily dodges. Nyan goes for a direct attack, but Drive Knight uses Tactical Transformation: Knight and kicks the monster into the air. He uses Tactical Transformation: Flying Chariot to propel himself above Nyan then transforms into Bishop and punches Nyan into the ground. Nyan slips into Drive Knight's suit and slices it apart using Feline Retribution. The two separate.

Drive Knight uses Tactical Transformation: Gold. Nyan unleashes flying slashes at him, but the hero is unharmed due to the strengthened armor provided by the transformation. The two engage in a brief scuffle, then Nyan slips into Drive Knight's body. Nyan slips around the body and attacks the hero from unpredictable angles. As Nyan is about to release Feline Retribution on the hero's body, Drive Knight raises his temperature to an extreme level and forces the monster out. He holds Nyan in a chokehold and uses Silver to stab the monster in the torso from behind. Drive Knight then incinerates Nyan.

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