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"Cornered Rat" (窮鼠, Kyūso, Tonari: 159) is the 117th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Mizuki attempts to stop Nyan from pursuing Waganma and Food Battler Futoshi, but the creature strikes Mizuki into the air. Gearsper cushions her fall with his awakened psychic powers and uses his remaining power to launch an attack at Nyan. He breaks multiple nearby buildings apart, forms the rubble into sharp projectiles, and throws them at the monster, burying it. This extreme use of his psychic powers alerts Fubuki. After the attack, Gearsper's helmet breaks, and he collapses.

Waganma gloats about the apparent victory of the heroes. However, Nyan uses his supernatural dexterity to escape the pile of rubble and quickly slashes Food Battler Futoshi's stomach. The monster tells Waganma that his disaster level is Dragon, terrifying the child so much that he wets his pants. Nyan drags the two away so he can kill Waganma in front of the other heroes. Suddenly, a high-speed projectile breaks the monster's hold on Futoshi and Waganma. The projectile circles back and appears at the hands of Drive Knight. Waganma and Food Battler Futoshi run for safety, and the former taunts the monster's apparent misfortune of encountering the S-Class hero. Sekingar watches from a distance, thankful for the arrival of the S-Class hero. Drive Knight uses Tactical Transformation: Chariot and lunges at Nyan while the monster comments on how the S-Class is weird.

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