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"Executives" (幹部たち, Kanbu-tachi, Tonari: 156) is the 114th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


A monster watches in horror as Pig God devours his monster comrades after mistakenly thinking that the hero would have been a good feed for them. Pig God grabs the monster and puts it into his mouth as it screams desperately. Gums then sneaks up from behind Pig God and swallows the hero. Pig God struggles to escape, and Gums is forced to spit him out. The two engage in battle.

The scene then shifts to a monster, limping away from the Disciples of Atomic Samurai after being wounded by them, who mentions unleashing something. Iaian, Bushidrill, and Okamaitachi are walking down a corridor when Bushidrill notices a dangerous aura coming from a room they are near and asks if the others sense it too. As they enter the room, they see a water tank with fish in it. The monster that was running away from them earlier informs them that even Gyoro Gyoro had difficulty controlling the thing in the tank and adds that it was a cadre, before recklessly pushing the tank over and unleashing Evil Natural Water. The fish inside the water immediately eat away at the monster, and they are revealed to be Mad Doctor Fish. The monster desperately tries to reason with them but the water swallows it up and the fish turn him into bones while the three swordsmen watch in shock. The Mad Doctor Fish attack Iaian, who swiftly cuts them down. Iaian notes that although the fish are no problem, the situation is hopeless because they had no way to cut water.

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  • The image featured in the cover is one of Murata's previous works from 2018.
  • There are several art inconsistencies in this chapter:
    • After Iaian's sword gets pierced, it appears to be fixed on the very next page.
    • A few panels featuring the disciples lack their injuries, scuff marks, and apparel damage they sustained while fighting Devil Long Hair.[1]
    • Okamaitachi and Bushidrill appear to switch places beside Iaian, frequently switching between being on his left or right side.


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