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"Right Here" (ここに在り, Koko ni ari, Tonari: 155) is the 113th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Revised Version[]

Iaian, Okamaitachi, Bushidrill and Narinki's Private Squad are trying to sneak pass some monsters. One of them asks for the password don't knowing the answer both heroes and mercenaries begin attacking the monsters , one of the monsters manages to escape and using his abilities is able to open a vault. The heroes and the mercenaries are able to find the same vault, Bushidrill and Tongara are talking about the value of the vault's location.

After opening the vault that contains Evil Natural Water and Mad Doctor Fish, Master Joe start's explaining what Evil Natural Water is and why it's kept in a tank. The monster gets shot several times in the back by Tongara, but still manages push a lever and open the tank that is containing Evil Natural Water. Master Joe gets eaten alive by Mad Doctor Fish while the heroes are fighting Evil Natural Water. The disciples and the mercenaries retreat and try to close the vault s door, but Evil Natural Water manages to get out of the vault before they are able to close the door. The monster fires two jet streams at Iaian and the mercenary but both of the characters are able to dodge and counter attack, the attack is so powerful that is sable to put a hole in Iaian sword. Mad Doctor fish starts attacking and the heroes are struggling to keep up. They get behind the walls to protect themselves but Tongara aims for the monster's eyes instead. The cadre than senses that Tongara is trying to harm it and counterattacks with a high-speed jet stream that puts a hole in Tongara's chest. Bushidrill tries to help the mercenary but the monster fires several water jets at the hero. Tongara saves Bushidrill by pushing him out of the attack and unfortunately the mercenary is mortally wounded by the monster's deadly water jets. Bushidrill is left speechless after what happened. Iaian and Okamaitachi bring Tongara to a safe place while Bushdirill uses his attacks to block the monster's path. Bushdirill goes and talks to Tongara while he is still alive, Evil Natural Water is trying to destroy the rocks that are blocking his path. Tongara says his name to the heroes and they do the same thing, the disciples than run away and Tongara is left alone thinking that he is an idiot. Evil Natural Water bursts through the wall and The Mad doctor Fish eats Tongara.

Saitama kills a monster and the corpses of other monsters can be seen behind the hero. Overgrown Rover confronts Saitama. Saitama gives a bone to Rover but the hero is violently attacked by the monster with mutiple energy blasts so powerful that destroy his surroundings. Saitama jumps from the explosions and punches Rover with enough force to shake the entire Monster Association Headquarters. The other monsters and heroes sense the force of the punch and on the surface there is an earthquake and the surface hero team doesn't have an idea of what just happened. After witnessing Saitama defeat Rover with one punch, Nyan sneaks behind him and uses Super Feline Retribution against him but the hero isn't affected by Nyan's attack. The cat monster then runs away from Saitama out of fear.

Gyoro Gyoro is on the throne, thinking about the battle situation, when Tatsumaki appears at the monster's side, asking if he is worried about the cadres being wiped out. Tatsumaki then asks Gyoro Gyoro if he is the boss. The monster welcomes the hero, and states that Tatsumaki is someone that he must take care of personally. Gyoro Gyoro introduces himself to Tatsumaki, explaining his position as the military adviser of the Monster Association, and sadistically tells the female esper to drop dead as he uses his psychic powers to pelt and surround Tatsumaki with several boulders.

Old Version[]

Zombieman's horribly mutilated, but regenerating, body is shown. He asks Homeless Emperor what he is, partially because he has no idea how his attacks worked, but mainly as a way to buy time for his body to regenerate because Homeless Emperor is too strong. Homeless Emperor obliges, telling him the story of his powers. He says that, until a month ago, he was living at the park. He had lost his job, gotten kicked out by his landlord, distanced himself from human society and began living as a hermit. He recalls being forced to dance naked in front of his boss at the new employee welcoming party only to get fired the next day for sexual harassment. But when he stared at the sky, the resentment he felt towards his boss and other such things no longer seemed to matter to him. For to him, the Earth was greater than any man-made structure and the sky brighter than any man-made light. Humanity was an insignificant existence on the great earth. Homeless Emperor saw his true home as the Earth itself, which was grander than any mansion.

Then one day, Homeless Emperor had a life-changing realization. He realized humans have abandoned the ecosystem Mother Earth built up and thrived under new, self-made rules. He thought, just how foolish were these humans? That is when he came to the realization that he was being stomped on by such foolish beings. He could no longer bear the reality of it, which left him borderline suicidal as death was the only way to return to true coexistence with Mother Earth.

Right then though, an entity Homeless Emperor claims to be God appeared before him. 'God' says Homeless Emperor's view on humans was correct but he had no need to die and says he would grant him power and that he should know what to do with it. Homeless Emperor then says that his power is a divine power granted to him by 'God' and the reason he was chosen was because he knew "the answer" which was that humans were a harmful existence to the planet and that the time has come for him to destroy the entirety of its existence and civilization. Zombie Man asks him why he believed the entity to be God and asks if he had 'identification' while thinking that the situation is bad because his body had not finished fully recovering before he was done talking. Homeless Emperor, knowing Zombieman was doubting the existence of God in his story, says there is no need for him to believe in God, and his price for his arrogance will be his death and return to the planet. Saitama is then seen feeling shaking from what was presumably Homeless Emperor wreaking havoc, and worrying about the integrity of his house and it's foundation.

The scene then shifts to Sweet Mask talking to himself. He says that according to Atomic Samurai's message, there was another kid held captive. He then thinks that the battle will take longer than he had imagined and the things he had planned in the future had to be cancelled or rescheduled. While holding a monster head that was still alive, Sweet Mask then stops and asks the monster head what was in front of them. The head says that these were devices were used to nurture Monster Cells collected from Orochi and that they have the ability to turn humans into monsters. Sweet Mask then thinks that they should just eliminate Orochi to stop their production, but the monster head says that such a thing is not possible, Sweet Mask announces that he can defeat any opponent and he fears nothing. Sweet Mask then proceeds to destroy the equipment.

As he's walking away from the aftermath, something is heard laughing around at the end of the hallway, excitedly saying how he found him. Sweet Mask asks the monster head who the voice belonged to and the head, recognizing the voice as a cadre, says that it is over for Sweet Mask. The monster is then seen bouncing around towards Sweet Mask, and the hero flings the monster head he was using to answer his questions at the cadre, only for it to get kicked straight up at the ceiling. Sweet Mask says it had great movements but he had confidence in a fistfight, only to back away once he sees the monsters face.

He asks Sweet Mask why he is so scared even though he came knowing it was the Monster Association hideout. He then recognizes the hero in front of him as Sweet Mask, and says that he's going to kill him. He also says that he is going to carve the reality that looks and battle stats do not go hand in hand and threatens to use Sweet Mask's face to do so. His name is revealed as Fuhrer Ugly and his disaster level as Dragon. Sweet Mask thinks that without a doubt the guy is some type of "Ugmon." Ugmons are humans that are turned into monsters because their looks cause social problems which accumulates hatred in their hearts, and turns them into monsters. Their strength as Mysterious Beings is influenced by the hideousness of their hearts. Sweet Mask realizes this battle is unwinnable for him, because when he sees extreme ugliness, he starts shaking and is no longer able to move.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]


  • The manga didn't include the webcomic panel of Homeless Emperor laying in the park while looking at the sky.
  • Before being redrawn, the chapter's title was "Terrible Luck" (大凶, Daikyō).



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