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"Atomic Samurai" (アトミック侍, Atomikku-Zamurai, Tonari: 152) is the 110th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Iaian, Okamaitachi, and Bushidrill are shown battered from their battle with Devil Long Hair. Having cut through every strain of Devil Long Hair's locks, he collapses commenting that it was his Achilles heel. Surprised by their victory, the disciples comment that they would not have won individually and worry that more monsters of that level may exist. Iaian says they won't have to worry about their master.

The scene changes to Atomic Samurai cutting down several monsters when a sword wielding monster, Sword Devil Executioner, praises Atomic's skill. Surprised a monster survived his slash, Atomic Samurai cuts his opponent down before the monster knows what happened. Atomic asks any monster not yet dead to raise their hand. G5 raises his mechanical arm and says that he has analyzed all of Atomic's moves and they begin a high-speed sword duel. 

Atomic comments that modern day "toys" have become interesting and says that he'd like to buy one, prompting G5 to increase its speed. G5 confidently proclaims that he will beat Atomic in 23 moves but fails to do so. Atomic proceeds to ask G5 if he wishes to recalculate and tells him that his calculations are missing the secret factor, fun! Atomic slices his foe into hundreds of pieces but says that he didn't cut the core of the Machine God as it was a harder material. A laser beam shoots from the cloud of smoke but Atomic deflects it and sends an Air blade of his own to counter. As the air blade penetrates the smoke, Atomic realizes that the real opponent has escaped, saying he'll leave it to the surface team of heroes. 

The scene changes to Child Emperor and Waganma who are nearing an exit of the Monster Association HQ. Waganma asks Child Emperor to escort him all the way back to his father but Child Emperor states the surface team will perform the task as he wants to return to the battles below. Waganma becomes uneasy about this. The scene immediately switches to Tareo being chased by Black Sperm when a slash from Atomic Samurai stops the monster, forcing him to dodge. Atomic comments on his speed as the chapter ends. 

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