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"Terrible Multiplying Bastard" (増えるヤバい奴, Fueru Yabai Yatsu, Tonari: 148) is the 109th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The Surface Team heroes are seen dispatching many low-level monsters, who were trying to escape underground. Building Booper, a Demon-level threat, shows up and blocks the Striking Team heroes' escape route on the surface by causing several buildings around to collapse with explosives.

Child Emperor's group finally manages to find the exit manhole, which leads to the surface, but the manhole is blocked by two collapse buildings above it. Together, Saitama, Child Emperor, Underdog Man and Waganma simultaneously push the manhole in an attempt to open it.

As Sekingar asks Green to make another exit for Child Emperor, he and several other heroes are amazed that the two collapse buildings in front them and Building Booper are suddenly sent flying into the air, with Child Emperor then showing up with Waganma, Saitama and Underdog Man. Not knowing that Saitama's strength is actually what allowed them to open the manhole, the other heroes express their surprise at Child Emperor's capabilities. Sekingar then notices Saitama and asks Child Emperor about his identity, to which he answers that he rescued Saitama too and says he is also a hero. As Sekingar questions Saitama if he was also taken as a hostage, Saitama responds he went underground just to complain about the noises he heard, which greatly angers Sekingar who then tells him to get out of his sight. Saitama leaves them and secretly goes back underground.

Child Emperor informs the Striking Team heroes via his transmitter about Waganma's safety. As he finishes speaking, there is a response from the communication device from Zombieman who praises Child Emperor for a job well done. Child Emperor is happy that Zombieman responded and in that moment, Sweet Mask responds too, saying that he will continue to carry out justice. The next hero is Pig God who, while digesting something, also notes that nothing is out of the ordinary. The final voice that's heard in that moment is Atomic Samurai's, who informs them that he found a child who had been pursued by a black monster inside the base, much to Child Emperor's surprise. Waganma realizes that it is Tareo that Atomic Samurai was talking about. Before Child Emperor can ask for the child's location from Atomic Samurai, the transmitter cuts off. Child Emperor decides to go back and rescue the child, which Waganma advises him not to and tells him to let the others do that as Child Emperor had already used his ultimate weapon to save him. Child Emperor still determines to go back, with Mizuki and Needle Star wishing to help him. Child Emperor refuses and wants to go back alone, stating that they have to guard the surface. Waganma, mustering all of his courage, reveals to Child Emperor about the child's identity being Tareo and describes his appearance to him, stating that he was also in the same cell as him. Waganma apologizes for not telling Child Emperor before as he was too scared and didn't want him to go back. Child Emperor simply appreciates the information and comforts Waganma shortly before leaving to rescue Tareo.

The scene then shifts to Atomic Samurai and Black Sperm talking to each other. Black Sperm gets angry because Atomic Samurai attacked him without warning, then scoffs Atomic Samurai's introduction. Atomic Samurai gets cocky and says that he had no business with him and Black Sperm grows an enormous muscular arm and asks if he is looking down on him. Atomic Samurai answers his question with a "yes," before swiftly cutting the arm and mentioning that he's fought countless battles with similar bastards who can transform and shape-shift into giants, and that he's used to these opponents. A second Black Sperm then appears from what was once the cut arm behind Atomic Samurai and Atomic Samurai gets annoyed. Black Sperm then asks Atomic Samurai if he still thinks he has a chance to win, noting that he's a countless number of "Black Sperm" merged into one entity and saying that no matter how many times he's killed, he will keep multiplying. Atomic Samurai, still greatly underestimating Black Sperm, rapidly cuts his heads in half while confidently saying he just has to shower the countless number of Black Sperms with countless slashes to win. Black Sperm continues to mock Atomic Samurai before the hero slashes him into countless pieces. As the pieces begin to quickly surround him and regrow into new selves, Atomic Samurai just slashes them again. However, they just reappear, in ever larger numbers, jumping on him and getting slashed into more pieces until eventually, Atomic Samurai finds himself faced with a massive number of Black Sperm clones, completely surrounding him in every direction, and the monster tells him that he has already lost the fight and is going to die. With overwhelming numbers, Black Sperm pummels Atomic Samurai, knocking the hero to the ground and severely injuring him. Black Sperm taunts Atomic Samurai, telling him that he is the worst possible matchup for Atomic Samurai and that the hero cannot win. Out of options, Atomic Samurai quickly cuts at the roof, resulting in the ceiling collapsing in on all of them.

The ensuing collapse results in powerful vibrations felt by Zombieman who expresses concern over how the battle may be going for other heroes. Without warning, Homeless Emperor appears behind him and questions his concerns over the death of his fellow heroes. Before Zombieman has time to react, Homeless Emperor blasts him point blank with a beam of energy; his attack acting as a means of demonstrating to the hero how the other heroes are being killed -- "instant death without any time for resistance." He then expresses disappointment over how quick Zombieman was killed, before going on to state that he will kill all seventeen of the S-Class heroes alone. A regenerated Zombieman emerges from a smoke and lunges at him with an axe, only to be countered and shot in the head with a concentrated energy blast.

His opponent disabled, Homeless Emperor stares at his decapitated body, a sudden gunshot coming from his upper body. Homeless Emperor unflinchingly counters the attack, while Zombieman is blown away and crashes into a wall, questioning how he would be able to react to such a shot at close range. Zombieman quickly regenerates and removes the pistol stored within his body, firing several shots at his opponent. Homeless Emperor counters with several orbs of energy, sending them all towards the hero, resulting in a large scale explosion. As the smoke clears, Zombieman's charred body stands before Homeless Emperor, who compliments his presumed dead opponent for having lived up to the expectations of a top hero -- "strong" and "unfaltering even in death."

Zombieman's horribly mutilated, but regenerating, body is shown. He asks Homeless Emperor what he is, partially because he has no idea how his attacks worked, but mainly as a way to buy time for his body to regenerate because Homeless Emperor is too strong. Homeless Emperor obliges, telling him the story of his powers. He says that, until a month ago, he was living at the park. He had lost his job, gotten kicked out by his landlord, distanced himself from human society and began living as a hermit. He recalls being forced to dance naked in front of his boss at the new employee welcoming party only to get fired the next day for sexual harassment. But when he stared at the sky, the resentment he felt towards his boss and other such things no longer seemed to matter to him. For to him, the Earth was greater than any man-made structure and the sky brighter than any man-made light. Humanity was an insignificant existence on the great earth. Homeless Emperor saw his true home as the Earth itself, which was grander than any mansion.

Then one day, Homeless Emperor had a life-changing realization. He realized humans have abandoned the ecosystem Mother Earth built up and thrived under new, self-made rules. He thought, just how foolish were these humans? That is when he came to the realization that he was being stomped on by such foolish beings. He could no longer bear the reality of it, which left him borderline suicidal as death was the only way to return to true coexistence with Mother Earth.

Right then though, an entity Homeless Emperor claims to be God appeared before him. "God" agrees with Homeless Emperor's view on humans but he had no need to die and grants him powers, stating that he should know what to do with it before leaving. Homeless Emperor says that his power is a divine power granted to him by "God" and the reason he was chosen was because he knew "the answer" which was that humans were a harmful existence to the planet and that the time has come for him to destroy the entirety of its existence and civilization. Zombie Man asks him why he believed the entity to be God while thinking that the situation is bad because his body had not finished fully recovering before he was done talking. Homeless Emperor, knowing Zombieman was doubting the existence of God in his story, responds that there is no need for him to believe in God, and his price for his arrogance will be his death and return to the planet.

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