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"Fake" (フェイク, Feiku, Tonari: 151) is the 109th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A defeated Gyoro Gyoro is searching for Orochi using his eyes. On realizing he has perished, he looks around for the man who defeated him. The eye finds Saitama and is promptly crushed by him, but not before Gyoro Gyoro notes his bald appearance. On hearing of this description, Tatsumaki wonders if Superalloy Darkshine is the hero he is referring to. Gyoro Gyoro disregards this and questions if Orochi is dead. Tatsumaki tells Gyoro Gyoro that she does not have the luxury of worrying about others, due to her current state of peril. Gyoro Gyoro then begs for her life. Tatsumaki, recognizing that Gyoro Gyoro is just a meat puppet, tells him to come out of his shell and apologize. Gyoro Gyoro then raises all the eyes that Tatsumaki had ripped out and fires several beams of psychic energy at her. This is easily deflected, although Tatsumaki does state that it was an elegant and nuanced use of her psychic ability and asks who taught him how to do it. The "real body" is then ripped out of the meat puppet, and Tatsumaki recognizes her as a friend of Fubuki.

At the same time, Fubuki, Bang, and Bomb are seen walking along a hallway, when Fubuki stops suddenly. Bang asks if she is alright, and Fubuki replies that her sister is nearby and is using a tremendous amount of her psychic powers. She also states that it is very rare that she would have to exert herself to such an extent, leading Bang and Bomb to state that they have to be more vigilant regarding the strength of the monsters that they may face.

King is wandering the hallways of the Monster Association alone after splitting up from Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki. He then thinks to himself that he should not have been left alone and proceeds to calm himself by thinking of himself as a microbial life form, unable to affect or be affected by outside events. He then hears someone calling his name, which startles him. He turns around and realizes it's the hostage, Waganma. Waganma then states that a monster is chasing him, and tells King to finish it off and carry him to the exit. He then asks to hug King, but when he is about to do so, the King Engine starts beating and King tells him to find another hero, stating no matter how sweet and cute Waganma acts, it's not possible for King to protect him. At this point, Waganma is revealed to be a shapeshifting monster, who, interpreting King's words as it's cover having been breached, promptly dies of fright. King too notes that that was terrifying and that he needs to find Saitama.

Characters in Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

  1. Tatsumaki (cover)
  2. Gyoro Gyoro
  3. Orochi
  4. Saitama
  5. Superalloy Darkshine (Mentioned)
  6. Fubuki
  7. Bang
  8. Bomb
  9. King
  10. A monster disguising as Waganma

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