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"Orochi vs. Saitama" (オロチ vs サイタマ, Orochi vs Saitama, Tonari: 150) is the 108th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Saitama tells Orochi that he is merely a person who lives above ground. Orochi then attacks Saitama with his horns however to no avail. Orochi then notes the impact he felt earlier was from Saitama and that he was not on the Monster Associations warning lists. He then states that if Saitama is not defeated here and now, it will become very dangerous. Saitama then asks if Orochi is not the only one of his kind and states that all he is doing is defending himself from the other monsters. Orochi retaliates by breathing fire on Saitama, which he narrowly dodges. Overgrown Rover then awakens and Orochi orders him to dispose of the intruder. However, Rover, recognizing the agent of his defeat quickly runs away from the fight. A surprised Orochi then asks Saitama what he did to Rover. He responds by saying he beat him up. Saitama then recognizes Orochi as a monster and gears up to fight him. Orochi realizes that Saitama is the reason for Gouketsu and Elder Centipede's demise. Orochi then remarks on how excited he is, and then transforms into a more humanoid form. He then states that he is curious to see what Saitama as a duelling partner with immense strength has to offer him. Saitama then states that despite what monsters say, about them being the "ultimate life-form" they all fall to one single punch from him. Orochi then attacks using the dragons on one of his arms. They are all quickly felled by Saitama. The dragons from his other arm all generate a massive beam of electricity that destroy the ground and creates a massive tunnel. This surprises the other S-Class heroes, who defend themselves from the electricity. The tunnel destroys a subway line and the confused driver questions what had happened and he sees Saitama speed by. Saitama then destroys Orochi with a single punch. Orochi's shattered head questions what it was that just hit him, and Saitama responds by saying it was a normal punch. Orochi, now knowing terror, then falls into the abyss below, defeated.

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