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"Strong Enemy" (強敵, Kyōteki, Tonari: 149) is the 107th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Gyoro Gyoro crushes Tatsumaki under a globe of rocks and compresses it but Tatsumaki breaks free easily. The hero sends a rock, blasting through Gyoro Gyoro's barrier and bursting its arm. The monster reveals its true form and many eyes open around its body. Gyoro Gyoro sends a Super Gravitional Wave that multiples the gravity in the region by 300. Tatsumaki remains unimpressed and destroys the monster's body.

Gyoro Gyoro pretends to be on the throes of her death but Tatsumaki sees through the meat puppet act and declares that she will pull out her real body. Gyoro Gyoro, regretting her grave miscalculation to battle Tatsumaki, calls upon Orochi to assist but is unresponsive. Deprived of her last option, Gyoro Gyoro attempts to bargain with the hero.

Meanwhile, Saitama looks down upon a great hole in the Monster Association Headquarters. At the bottom, Orochi climbs up fully transformed and confronts Saitama. Saitama questions just why the creatures are living under his home and Orochi declares his acknowledgement of Saitama's threat.

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