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"A Clash of Power" (力の激突, Chikara no Gekitotsu, Tonari: 148) is the 106th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Puri-Puri Prisoner is left exasperated over Nyan running away and carries on his way. Superalloy Darkshine encounters Bug God and was initially discouraged at Bug God's boast but is let down by the monster's weak strength. Superalloy Darkshine tells the monster that along with King and Tatsumaki, he is one of the three heroes you must never anger. Bug God transforms into a new form, growing 4 extra arms and wings, but Superalloy Darkshine destroys the monster in one hit.

Saitama is wandering through the Monster Association headquarters and fights Overgrown Rover. Saitama punches the monster, shaking the entire headquarters. The aftershocks of Saitama's punch is felt by the inhabitants of the headquarters and above ground by the support heroes. Nyan attempts to assassinate Saitama with Super Feline Retribution but the hero is unfazed and the monster escapes underground. Gyoro Gyoro contemplates over Saitama's attack before Tatsumaki appears. Gyoro Gyoro attacks Tatsumaki.

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