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"Light" (光, Hikari, Tonari: 141 + 142) is the 103rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


Part 1[]

Phoenix Man revives himself again, and displays his newfound powers by reanimating the corpses of the Subterranean People, Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind. While Child Emperor deals with the undead army, Phoenix Man takes Waganma and starts flying away. Child Emperor finishes off the army and races after him, launching an all-out energy beam on Phoenix Man. Confident in absorbing the energy beam, the monster attempts to absorb the attack.

Part 2[]

Phoenix Man withstands the energy beam, and his costume changes again, gaining withered patches on half of his body. He remarks that Child Emperor did well despite being a kid and calls for him to leave his robot. Child Emperor refuses, taunting Phoenix Man and draws him in for an attack. He then opens the robot's emergency hatch and has the little braves close it on Phoenix Man, trapping him. The monster easily rips the mecha apart but Child Emperor managed to sneak in a tickling robot within Phoenix Man's costume while he was trapped, stating that the robot would tickle him until he died of asphyxiation. Phoenix Man hastily attempts to get rid of the tickling robot by ripping his costume. With the costume ripped, Phoenix Man loses his powers and Child Emperor proceeds to kick him in the groin before tearing off the rest of the costume to ensure he doesn't revive himself again. Phoenix Man lies defeated as Child Emperor turns to Waganma asking him if there were any other hostages. Waganma decides not to tell Child Emperor that Tareo was taken too and proceeds to leave.

Version 2[]

The impact of the attack unleashes copious amounts of water which manage to drag Saitama along with the child hero. Child Emperor tries to rescue Saitama, but then, Phoenix Man reappears, having changed forms into Phoenix Penguin Mode. In his new form, he can manipulate ice, and uses Phoenix Antarctic Iceberg Attack to send the hero crashing through another floor, which happens to be the grave of the Subterranean People.

Child Emperor releases Waganma so he can share the barrier with Saitama, whom he believes to be an innocent bystander, while Phoenix Man unleashes an energy blast on Child Emperor. The hero tries to retaliate, but the monster notes it is useless, and decides to bring Child Emperor back into the Phoenix Space. The monster shows Child Emperor the corpses of the Subterranean People as an example of a group who fell because their ideals did not match, while monsters with costumes shared the same spirit. Using the link they share, Phoenix Man reveals some dark truths about the Hero Association to Child Emperor and what the higher-ups have been doing behind the scenes.

Phoenix Man explains more of his backstory as a mascot who was unjustly fired, how he kept his costume on but eventually couldn't remove it, changing him into a monster. Child Emperor is shocked and unnerved by the truth he was told and Phoenix Man's words, and nearly accepts Phoenix Man's offer to grab true glory with him as a monster, but out of nowhere, Saitama appears, saying that becoming a monster doesn't give one glory at all.

Phoenix Man explains more of his backstory as a mascot who was unjustly fired, how he kept his costume on but eventually couldn't remove it, changing him into a monster. Child Emperor is shocked and unnerved by the truth he was told and Phoenix Man's words, and nearly accepts Phoenix Man's offer to grab true glory with him as a monster, but out of nowhere, Saitama appears, saying that becoming a monster doesn't give one glory at all.

Then, Zombieman comes in through the communicator, updating the child on the situation and saying how the weaknesses Child Emperor had hypothesized about the enemy robots were spot-on. He goes on to thank Child Emperor on behalf of all of the heroes and says he's glad the child is here, which causes Child Emperor to form tears in his eyes. Zombieman offers to get milkshakes after the invasion and asks if everything's ok with Child Emperor, who states everything is fine and hopes Zombieman remains well before resuming the fight with Phoenix Man.

Phoenix Man unleashes rays of light which reanimate all the corpses of the Subterranean People, as well as Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, who all attack Brave Giant. Phoenix Man then tries to forcibly give Child Emperor a Monster Cell and slides it in through the cracks of the suit. Child Emperor spits out the monster cell and says to Phoenix Man that while his speech was amusing, a hero doesn't just wear a costume, and being a hero comes from within. Phoenix Man, aggravated by the child's disrespect and rejection of his peaceful offer, declares he would slurp on the child's brain as punishment.

As a last resort, Child Emperor unleashes his Gigavolt Smash, a large surge of electricity which happens to shock Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame back to their senses. Brave Giant is destroyed, and Child Emperor is sent flying toward Phoenix Man, who attempts to finish the child off, but is stopped by Saitama. Phoenix Man mocks Child Emperor for abandoning his suit before time ran out, though Child Emperor retorts by saying the monster relies too much on his suit. Phoenix Man laughs at this, claiming that the child cannot defeat him without Brave Giant, and his attack before only managed to scratch his eye.

Suddenly, Phoenix Man begins a mad fit of laughter. Child Emperor reveals he slipped a Tickle-Tickle Bug into the gap between his face and his beak. Child Emperor tells the monster he has to take off his suit to get the tickle bug out, though Phoenix Man refuses to. Suddenly, Phoenix Man's body begins to glow once more, and his body explodes. Once the dust settles, Phoenix Man is revealed to have transformed into Monster Chick Man, an extremely weak monster the size of a chick. This ends the fight and makes Child Emperor the winner.

After the fight ends, Saitama compliments Child Emperor for his bravery and tenacity, calling him a good hero. Child Emperor thanks Saitama, but quickly remembers who he is, and begins to grow suspicious that Genos is indeed a traitor since Saitama was deep in the enemy base. Then, Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame, having been knocked to their senses thanks to the electric attack, notice Child Emperor and attempt to take him hostage to lure Flashy Flash, but Saitama knocks both of them out before they can retaliate. Child Emperor looks up their information and discovers they're S-class criminals, and is impressed Saitama managed to defeat both of them. Child Emperor offers to take Saitama to the surface with Waganma, when out of nowhere, Underdog Man appears, having survived his encounter with G5. All of them get on Underdog Man's back and proceed to jump up to the surface. While soaring through the air, some of Orochi's dragons appear and chase them, though Saitama easily obliterates the dragons and wonders if they were responsible for the noises caused below his house. Child Emperor asks Waganma if there were any other hostages, but being a coward and wanting to get to the surface as soon as possible, lies and says there was no one else there, and they all resume their escape to the surface.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Part 1

  1. Garou (Cover)
  2. Tareo (Cover)
  3. Genos (Cover)
  4. Saitama (Cover)
  5. Fubuki (Cover)
  6. Tatsumaki (Cover)
  7. Child Emperor (Cover)
  8. King (Cover)
  9. Phoenix Man
  10. Waganma
  11. Subterranean People (Reanimation and Death)
  12. Gale Wind (Reanimation and Death)
  13. Hellfire Flame (Reanimation and Death)
  14. Gearsper
  15. Jet Nice Guy
  16. Needle Star
  17. Narcisstoic
  18. Green
  19. Crescent Eyebroll
  20. One Shotter
  21. Poison

Part 2

  1. Child Emperor
  2. Waganma
  3. Phoenix Man
  4. Gale Wind (Resurrected)
  5. Hellfire Flame (Resurrected)
  6. Saitama
  7. Genos (Mentioned)
  8. Orochi (Dragon heads)
  9. Royal Ripper (Flashback)
  10. Tareo (Flashback)

Chapter Notes[]

  • The chapter cover was released at a later date to part 1 of the chapter.

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