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"Viewer-Prohibited Battle" (観覧禁止の戦い, Kanran Kinshi Notatakai, Tonari: 145) is the 103rd chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.


The three disciples decide to trust in Sweet Mask and retreat, leaving him alone to face Do-S and the brainwashed Narinki Squad. Do-S tells Sweet Mask that she is actually a fan of him, and offers to 'unbrainwash' the slaves in exchange for spending time with him. Sweet Mask tells her that bargaining won't work against him. Do-S responds by ordering her slaves to attack the hero, confidently stating that she would make him "her own".

Meanwhile, the disciples dash off to another area, discussing what Sweet Mask's solution could be. While Iaian theorises that he possesses a hidden ace he does not want others to see, Okamaitachi suggests that Sweet Mask is planning to undo D-OS' brainwashing with the power of music, a notion her teammates chide her for.

Sweet Mask effortlessly tears through the entire Narinki Squad, subsequently killing all of them. He continues to charge towards Do-S, who is shocked at how Sweet Mask dealt with the mercenaries. She attempts to brainwash him by striking him with her whip, but fails to do so as Sweet Mask is somehow immune to such attacks. Realizing this, Do-S quickly surrenders and submits to Sweet Mask, promising that she will obey his every command. Unmoved by Do-S' plea for mercy, Sweet Mask takes her life.

The scene cuts to the disciples staring in shock at Pig God, who was in the midst of digesting The Great Food Tub. Commenting on the implausibility of the scene, the three disciples agree to find another way into the base.

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