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"Light" (光, Hikari, Tonari: 141 + 142) is the 100th chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Man revives himself again, and displays his newfound powers by reanimating the corpses of the Subterranean People, Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind. While Child Emperor deals with the undead army, Phoenix Man takes Waganma and starts flying away. Child Emperor finishes off the army and races after him, launching an all-out energy beam on Phoenix Man. Confident in absorbing the energy beam, the monster attempts to absorb the attack.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Man withstands the energy beam, and his costume changes again, gaining withered patches on half of his body. He remarks that Child Emperor did well despite being a kid and calls for him to leave his robot. Child Emperor refuses, taunting Phoenix Man and draws him in for an attack. He then opens the robot's emergency hatch and has the little braves close it on Phoenix Man, trapping him. The monster easily rips the mecha apart but Child Emperor managed to sneak in a tickling robot within Phoenix Man's costume while he was trapped, stating that the robot would tickle him until he died of asphyxiation. Phoenix Man hastily attempts to get rid of the tickling robot by ripping his costume. With the costume ripped, Phoenix Man loses his powers and Child Emperor proceeds to kick him in the groin before tearing off the rest of the costume to ensure he doesn't revive himself again. Phoenix Man lies defeated as Child Emperor turns to Waganma asking him if there were any other hostages. Waganma decides not to tell Child Emperor that Tareo was taken too and proceeds to leave. 

Part 1 Version 2[edit | edit source]

Phoenix Man reveals a new penguin form and throws ice at Child Emperor. Phoenix Man brings Child Emperor into the dream plane again to make another plea. However, Saitama also enters the dreams realm and interrupts the conversation causing Phoenix Man to release Child Emperor from the dream. Zombieman suddenly calls in to say words of gratitude to Child Emperor.

Part 2 Version 2[edit | edit source]

Characters in Order of Appearance[edit | edit source]

Part 1

  1. Garou (Cover)
  2. Tareo (Cover)
  3. Genos (Cover)
  4. Saitama (Cover)
  5. Fubuki (Cover)
  6. Tatsumaki (Cover)
  7. Child Emperor (Cover)
  8. King (Cover)
  9. Phoenix Man
  10. Waganma
  11. Subterranean People (Reanimation and Death)
  12. Unnamed human who fired Phoenix Man while he was human.
  13. Gale Wind (Reanimation and Death)
  14. Hellfire Flame (Reanimation and Death)
  15. Various Mysterious Beings
  16. Gearsper
  17. Jet Nice Guy
  18. Needle Star
  19. Narcisstoic
  20. Green
  21. Crescent Eyebroll
  22. One Shotter
  23. Poison

Part 2

  1. Child Emperor
  2. Waganma
  3. Phoenix Man
  4. Gale Wind (Resurrected)
  5. Hellfire Flame (Resurrected)
  6. Saitama
  7. Tareo

Chapter Notes[edit | edit source]

The chapter cover was released at a later date to part 1 of the chapter.

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