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Chain'n'toad (鎖ガマ, Kusari-Gama; Viz: Chain Toad) is the A-Class Rank 36 professional hero of the Hero Association.


Chain'n'toad wears a frog helmet and his eyes can be seen in the frog's mouth. His attire is a simple white karate gi tied together with a black belt. The top half of his frog mask is red with yellow eyes while the bottom half is white.

Warning The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

He is a middle-aged martial artist with a goatee and mustache. ​​​​​
  • Without his mask
  • His mask in color

Personality Edit

According to the Hero Association catalog, he has a rather plain and dull personality despite being pretty strong but has a soft spot for children and he wears a frog costume to appeal to them.[1] He has a cordial relationship with his fellow respected heroes and can work together with them. He is rather calm and collected in battle and can spot moments of weaknesses while fighting.


Human Monster SagaEdit

Super Fight ArcEdit

Chain'n'toad appears in I-City and teams up with Butterfly DX, Narcisstoic, Peach Terry and Death Gatling to defeat the Hundred-Eyes Octopus, when Flashy Flash suddenly shows up.[2] When Flashy Flash blinds the monster, it goes on a rampage and Chain'n'toad manages to save Bone from falling debris.[3] When Tatsumaki arrives and crushes the monster into a ball, he is scolded by her for not taking care of the monster along with the rest of the heroes.[4]

Monster Association ArcEdit

Chain'n'toad is part of an ambush lead by Death Gatling to attack Garou.[5]

He chain attacks with Smile Man twice and begins to surround Garou. When he immobilizes Garou's legs for Smile Man to throw his kendama ball at Garou, he is defeated when Garou redirects the giant ball toward him, crushing him instantly.

Warning The following section contains Webcomic spoilers. You have been warned, manga-only readers.

Unnamed SagaEdit

Psychic Sisters ArcEdit

Butterfly DX, Chain'n'toad and Forte greet their new neighbor Saitama as a means of showing their superiority. It is revealed that Chain'n'toad wears his toad helmet to gain popularity, which worked a little.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit


Pork Cutlet BowlEdit

Chain'n'toad was among the many heroes summoned by McCoy to combat the monster that was devastating the Z-City police station. He arrives at the scene late, after Saitama has already killed the monster.[6]


Chain'n'toad is one of the contestants of the Hero Costume Contest under the entry number 16.[7]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being an A-Class hero, Chain'n'Toad is a skilled and powerful fighter.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Reflexes: Chain'n'toad has shown to possess considerable reflexes during combat.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kusarigamajutsu Expert: Chain'n'toad is heavily skilled at using the Kusarigama.

Ear Cutter
  • Ear Cutter (耳狩り, Mimi Kari): Chain'n'toad recalls the kama of the kusarigama with extreme force and speed from various angles around the opponent.[8]
  • Ankle Bind (足首吊り, Ashi Kubizuri): Chain'n'toad wraps the kusari-fundo end of the kusarigama around the leg of an opponent to limit his/her movement.[9]


Chain'n'toad's kusarigama

Chain'n'toad's kusarigama.

Kusarigama: True to his name, Chain'n'toad choice of weapon is a pair of Kusarigama, and is skilled in using it. He was able to block some falling debris to save himself and Bone.

Major Battles Edit

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Heroes Vs. Hundred-Eyes Octopus Interrupted by Tatsumaki
Chain'n'toad, Stinger, Smile Man, Death Gatling, Wild Horn, Glasses, Shooter and Gun Gun vs. Garou 81, 82 None Loss


  • His original name is a play on words of the terms "frog" and "kusarigama".


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