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Chain'n'toad (鎖ガマ, Kusari-Gama; Viz: Chain Toad) is the A-Class Rank 36 professional hero of the Hero Association.

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Just as Forte warned about who Saitama is, Chain'n'toad, alongside Butterfly DX become one of the few people aware of the bald hero's true strength at the same time where Suiko (and secretly Blue) witness this as well.


Chain'n'toad wears a frog helmet and his eyes can be seen in the frog's mouth. His attire is a simple white karate gi tied together with a black belt. The top half of his frog mask is red with yellow eyes while the bottom half is white.

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He is a middle-aged martial artist with a goatee and mustache.


According to the Hero Association catalog, he has a rather plain and dull personality despite being pretty strong but has a soft spot for children and he wears a frog costume to appeal to them.[1] He has a cordial relationship with his fellow respected heroes and can work together with them. He is rather calm and collected in battle and can spot moments of weaknesses while fighting.


Human Monster Saga

Super Fight Arc

Chain'n'toad appears in I-City and teams up with Butterfly DX, Narcisstoic, Peach Terry and Death Gatling to defeat the Hundred-Eyes Octopus, when Flashy Flash suddenly shows up.[2] When Flashy Flash blinds the monster, it goes on a rampage and Chain'n'toad manages to save Bone from falling debris.[3] When Tatsumaki arrives and crushes the monster into a ball, he is scolded by her for not taking care of the monster along with the rest of the heroes.[4]

Monster Association Arc

Chain'n'toad is part of an ambush lead by Death Gatling to attack Garou.[5]

He chain attacks with Smile Man twice and begins to surround Garou. When he immobilizes Garou's legs for Smile Man to throw his kendama ball at Garou, he is defeated when Garou redirects the giant ball toward him, crushing him instantly.

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Neo Heroes Saga

Psychic Sisters Arc

Butterfly DX, Chain'n'toad and Forte greet their new neighbor, Saitama, as a means of showing their superiority. It is revealed that Chain'n'toad wears his toad helmet to gain popularity, which worked a little.[6] He was there when Forte lost out to Saitama due to the former getting hit by a car, moving in to intimidate the B-Class hero faction Blizzard Group who injured their compatriot. He is sidelined not long after as Caped Baldy would be invited by Fubuki herself in order to track the one behind his destroyed domicile, choosing to leave Rover and Black Sperm with him and Butterfly till he got back.[7]

Toad and DX later turn up at the Association HQ's infirmary to check up on Forte. Whilst he mentions that Saitama had some kind of cheat power that knocked him out, Chan'n'Toad corrects him that he was actually run over before the two could fight. Going onto say that he should quite wearing headphones as a warmup exercise for fighting.[8] Toad is next seen with Butterfly DX and Forte at Saitama's new apartment in the hero headquarters. The two are baffled at Forte's sudden change in demeanor around their junior hero, he would look on and listen in disbelief as Forte mentioned how the shockwaves thought to be generated by monsters was in fact caused by the new heroes fighting instead.[9]

Ninjas Arc

Chain'n'Toad and Butterfly DX would next be seen giving Saitama's new pets a walk just as the S Rank hero Flashy Flash stops by the latter's apartment. Butterfly would wonder to himself if Forte was right about Saitama's abilities.[10]

Neo Heroes Uprising Arc

Toad and DX come by Forte whom is deep in thought about the invitation to the Neo Heroes, when he expresses his fears about leaving the two of them behind.[11] Both of which present they got the same dealership as he did and are considering switching over to their organization.

As Saitama gets back, DX insists on getting a different kind of kibble for Rover as the dogfood he'd gotten wasn't suitable for his pallet. Toad insisted he get another chew toy for him as well, seeing as the pets last one was shredded to pieces.[12] While the newest A ranked heroine Suiko was engaging the Dragon class disaster Machine God Mirror.

Chain'n'Toad would intervene alongside Butterfly DX to lend a hand. The lot of them working together are completely outclassed and left annihilate not long after. Once the robot is destroyed by Saitama however, he and DX seemingly acknowledge Caped Baldy's power and Forte's insight on the matter.[13]

Appearances in Other Media


Pork Cutlet Bowl

Chain'n'toad was among the many heroes summoned by McCoy to combat the monster that was devastating the Z-City police station. He arrives at the scene late, after Saitama has already killed the monster.[14]


Chain'n'toad is one of the contestants of the Hero Costume Contest under the entry number 16.[15]


Going Fishing with Middle-Aged Men

Chain'n'toad appears alongside Mumen Rider tracking down Giant Salamander. They pursue it to a lake, where Kamikaze and Bang happen to be fishing. During their battle, Chain'n'toad is swallowed by the monster. He is soon freed when Kamikaze intervenes and slashes the monster open, killing it for them.

Abilities and Powers

Being an A-Class hero, Chain'n'Toad is a skilled and powerful fighter.

Physical Abilities

Enhanced Reflexes: Chain'n'toad has shown to possess considerable reflexes during combat.

Fighting Style

Chain'n'toad's proficiency with a kusarigama

Kusarigamajutsu Expert: Chain'n'toad is heavily skilled at using the kusarigama, predominantly using it as a long-ranged weapon.

  • Ear Cutter (耳狩り, Mimi Kari): Chain'n'toad recalls the kama of the kusarigama with extreme force and speed from various angles around the opponent.[16]
  • Ankle Bind (足首吊り, Ashi Kubizuri): Chain'n'toad wraps the kusari-fundo end of the kusarigama around the leg of an opponent to limit their movement.[17]
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  • Dragon Entaglement (蛟絡め, Kōgarame): [18]
  • Entrails Dropper (臓腑落とし, Zōfu Otoshi): [19]


Chain'n'toad's kusarigama.

Kusarigama: True to his name, Chain'n'toad choice of weapon is a kusarigama, and he is very skilled in using it. He was able to block falling debris with it to save himself and Bone, and was one of the long-ranged attackers in Death Gatling's team during the hunt for Garou.

Major Battles

Participants Chapter(s) Episode(s) Result
Heroes Vs. Hundred-Eyes Octopus Interrupted by Tatsumaki
Chain'n'toad, Stinger, Smile Man, Death Gatling, Wild Horn, Glasses, Shooter and Gun Gun vs. Garou 81, 82 None Loss


  • His Japanese name, Kusari-Gama, is a portmanteau. Kusarigama (鎖鎌) is the name of his chain-scythe weapon, while gama (ガマ) means "cattail" in Japanese, referring to the plants of the same name which grow near wetlands where frogs are commonly found.
  • In the 2017 One Punch Man Halloween cover, Chain'n'toad was depicted as himself but with a scythe instead of a sickle and with a toad-shaped hooded cape instead of a toad mask. Both changes were done in reference to the classic rendition of the Grim Reaper, usually described as a humanoid figure with a dark hooded cape and a scythe.


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